Western Australia

Our Western Australian crew.

Our original HQ with the roastery in Rockingham and Academy in Northbridge, is a hive of activity filled with these champions.

Nicole Novak

WA Sales Manager
Nicole has hospo in her blood. With her million dollar smile, and attention to detail, she's Q Grader certified and has some eighteen years of cafe experience; seven as a successful cafe owner. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry has served her well as she’s now added Certified World Brewers Cup Judge, ASCA Barista Competition Judge and 2022 Western Region Cup Tasters Championship to her resume.

Chris Jackson

Sales & Account Manager
Chris joined Five Senses in pursuit of fame, fortune, and fast cars. His passion for specialty coffee is highly infectious and some 364 days after his arrival he became a certified Q Grader – that’s just how driven he is! A few months on and the PNG government invited him to judge their Cup of Excellence Competition. Conversation never goes quiet around CJ, but if it does just mention his Greyhound rescue, Milli!

Renae Murray

Sales & Account Manager
If you reach a coffee shop doorway at the same time as Renae, you can guarantee she will hold that door wide open for you. She has a passion for vintage cloth and is an avid dress collector, however not many things surpass the love she has for her beautiful spoodle Macie (sorry Gary!). She also beams experience and dedication for brewing delicious coffee, particularly in competitions where she placed third in her region this year.

Lena Richrath

Sales and Account Manager
I believe it was wanderlust that led Lena leave Germany and to travel the world before finally settling here in Perth, where she has spent years mastering the art of coffee. Her hard-work has culminated in coming 3rd place in the Australian Barista Championships in 2020! When she is not busy learning about, or teaching all things coffee you’ll find her in her organic veggie patch, cooking up a storm in her kitchen, or at the beach working on her surfing skills.

Jay Holland

Head Roaster
Five Senses began like many companies with the owner doing every role. In this story, one of Dean's first appointments was Jay as the first Five Senses roaster. With well over 10 years of experience, Jay can bamboozle you with his knowledge of molecular bean transformation during the roasting process, all while bench-pressing 100+kgs.

Mimmo Gerace

Senior Field Service Technician

Ben Forknall

Senior Field Service Technician

Emma Archer


Valter Peres

Field Services Supervisor

Daniel Leigh

Barista Trainer
Daniel considers himself the ultimate coffee connoisseur with a whopping 17 years' of experience working in cafes. A career without specialty coffee? He's never heard of such a thing! Always happy to chat about coffee and even happier putting it into practice! 

Kim Godleman

Production Manager
When it comes to Christmas, Kim's spirit is as bright as the tinsel on a tree. Aside from his part-time role as our holiday enthusiast, he orchestrates the coffee production department in our West Coast haven since 2004!

Andy Jones

Field Service Technician