We Bought a Mill

Nestled in the pristine Simalungun region of northern Sumatra, the Tiga Raja mill has a wild story to tell since we purchased it in 2013. Through our long-term collaboration with small lot farmers, we are a business that knows the hands turning soil at origin. The local cooperative of growers share ownership and, together, we achieve supply and quality. The joy of cupping this uniquely profiled coffee has been tempered by severe harvest failures and disruptions in recent years. Our commitment to Tiga Raja is resolute and we are thrilled to have coffee cherries growing again, agronomy support for growers and the mill out of hibernation.

The Story So Far...

Delicious coffees with positive impact.

To celebrate the arrival of our first Tiga Raja coffee in almost 5 years, we've put together a collection showcasing three distinct coffee regions in Sumatra—Simalungun, Sidikalang and Lintong. Dear to our heart, Tiga Raja (Three Kings) is the mill we own and operate in northern Sumatra. Intimate with the network of smallholder farmers in and around the region, our carefully selected mill operators have a vast knowledge of the local supply chain. The wider Simalungun region has long been an agricultural powerhouse and its location surrounding Lake Toba means it is rich in volcanic soils, temperate climates and altitudes perfect for growing coffee. In Tiga Raja, we have revived a rare and very special project that we hope will continue to push the boundaries of Sumatran specialty coffee.
A fledgling local importer is adding to the region's rich traditions with innovative processing. Smallholder growers have long produced distinctive coffees from the rich, volcanic soils of Indonesia's largest island, Sumatra. Founded in only 2018, Trijaya Agro Lestari has built strong bonds with smallholders across Sumatra to ensure consistency and quality. These growers live and farm on a plateau that sits at the foot of Mount Kerinci, one of the many active volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000-kilometer horseshoe-shaped series of 452 volcanoes. Mount Kerinci’s historic eruptions have ensured the surrounding area is lush and verdant thanks to the deep supply of fertile volcanic soil, resulting in a unique, flavour-packed coffee from our close neighbours.