Office Coffee

Get delicious fresh

roasted coffee for your office!

We’re passionate about providing exceptional coffee experiences everywhere … including offices. Delicious coffee in your office is an incredibly powerful tool to drive positive culture and generate community. Don’t compromise on quality! Whatever the size of your business, we’ll give you a discounted rate on fresh roasted coffee delivered direct to your office door.

Not the Coffee Boss?

If you’re not the final decision maker on all things coffee at your office, no worries!

We’re keen to help passionate specialty coffee lovers who are keen to see their office coffee offering improve. Be the office hero and fill in the form below, so we can send free samples. We’re firm believers that our delicious coffee will win over your team as soon as they taste it.

Need Brewing Equipment?

The Five Senses Santa can help. We stock a wide range of devices from single cup brewers, batch brewers and office espresso machines. So whether you’re the solo office coffee consumer or you have a large team desperate for a daily caffeine hit, we’ve got your equipment needs sorted! Imagine drinking delicious, fresh roasted coffee every day. Thumbs up to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

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Coffee, set, go!

When the crowds are cheering for excellent espresso-based drinks en masse, we’re who you need to talk to. Automation is making its mark on coffee, with little more needed than the presses of a button to make 100+ coffees an hour! However, we know that the perfect brew doesn’t start and stop once you’ve acquired a “super-automatic” machine, and specialty coffee roasted by yours truly – that’s why we will also visit your premises and dial in your equipment onsite; to match your commitment to quality.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re keen for the office discount, some free samples or you’re interested in new office brewing equipment, then shoot us your details below.