Our Victoria crew.

In both our bay-side roastery and our city based Academy, these fine people are making the magic happen.

Adrian Dart

Sales & Customer Support Manager
Adrian has a love for coffee dating back to the first time he sprinkled it on ice cream as a wide eyed 6 year old. Since then he has seen coffee take him on the glorious journey of fanatic barista, passionate café operator and certified Q grader. Strengths: Pour over, cooking pancakes, 26ft jump shots. Weaknesses: Kenyan coffee, Pinot, saying ‘no’ to his daughters.

Bella Kranjec

Marketing Coordinator
Coming from a background in the live music industry, Bella understands the need for a decent hit of caffeine more than most. A marketing maverick who’s constantly got her eyes set on what’s outside of the box, she loves a good filter brew just as much as she enjoys belting it out on stage in the local Melbourne punk scene.

Emeline Giroux

Barista Trainer
From a career in event planning in Paris to discovering specialty coffee whilst backpacking in South America, Emi is our resident globe-trotting trainer. Moving to Melbourne to further her experience in the industry, she quickly found herself climbing the local cafe ranks and finally in a position here with Five’s. She loves eating out with mates just as much as she loves hitting the pavement for a sprint down the street.

Sophie Murchie

Sales & Account Manager
With 8+ of barista experience and café management under her belt, Wollongong native Sophie made the move to Melbourne to pursue the corporate life but quickly realised it wasn’t for her. Cue the perfect role in specialty coffee working with Fives and here we are! Outside of work you can find her in her natural habitats cooking and entertaining for friends, going to gigs and loving a bit of touch footy on the side.

Leo Kavanagh

Sales & Account Manager
In 2007 Leo Kavanagh moved to Melbourne to study Contemporary Music Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts. This proved to be an excellent segue into a career in hospitality and Leo quickly found himself in the depths of the specialty coffee scene. He has spent the last 10 years managing, training and consulting throughout Melbourne and will finish his symphony one day, when he gets some spare time.

Mark Knapp

Sales & Account Manager
Mark is an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the specialty coffee industry. He has owned and operated businesses, is a qualified Q Grader, coffee roaster and green buyer. The only thing that gets Mark out of bed faster than a great cup of coffee are his two mischievous sons... or decent offshore winds.

Damien Steponavicius

Head Roaster
Damo has been putting his Bachelor of arts, advanced diploma in screenwriting and post grad in literature to good use roasting coffee for the past 8 years! No only can he discuss all things roasting with you, he’ll do it with perfect grammar and vivid analogies. He might seem a little shy, but just bring up Europe, specifically the little Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen, and watch him gush!

Caleb Heinselman

Field Service Supervisor
One of the best things we’ve imported from USA, Caleb left Synesso in Seattle over 10 years ago to join our tech department. The mumma bear of the tech team, this former US Marine is just as likely to fix your grinder as he is to give you a big bear hug.

David Velic

Field Service Technician

Emily Duong

Marketing Coordinator
With three years of public relations experience under her belt, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge (and a major sweet tooth) to the marketing team. When not at work, you may find her out exploring new restaurants and markets or working on her start-up specializing in ethical and sustainable apparel for women.