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Delicious coffee doesn’t happen by accident. There are layers of intent all the way through the supply chain that shape the final result in the cup. The Barista is the last gatekeeper on this multifaceted journey and our mission is to arm all those who would craft specialty coffee with the knowledge and tools to make the best darn cup they can! Let us help you become the Brew Guru!

Home Barista

Want to get the most out of your home set up? Almost ready to buy your espresso machine? This course is a fun way to get a fundamental understanding of extractions, milk texturing and keeping your home machine in working order.

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Fundamentals: Espresso & Milk

The 'Fundies' Course is recommended for all skill levels (new and professional baristas) covering every aspect of espresso and milk-based coffee prep with lots of time for practice involved. This course also arms you with a basic understanding of the Specialty Coffee industry from farm to cup.

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Filter Brewing

If you’re interested in non-espresso brew methods like pour overs, Clever Dripper, Aeropress and cold brew, this brewing training course is the ideal starting point. Learn simple and effective recipes, how to adjust brewing variables and practice repeatable techniques. This filter brewing training workshop is a three-hour practical class with a tasting component, suitable for home and professional industry baristas.

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Advanced: Espresso Extraction

Brew, taste, adjust. Get to know your brewing variables with the confidence to know how brew ratio, technique, grind and temperature affect the flavours and mouthfeel of your espresso. This is an advanced training workshop for participants who are familiar with proper extraction techniques and confident in being able to dial in a recipe using scales and timers.

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Advanced: Latte Art

The latte art course is for Insta-worthy cups. This course will give you all the tips and techniques to help you refine and perfect hearts, rosettas and tulips! More experienced baristas who know how to create latte art will be provided with expert tips to improve upon designs. The advanced latte class is recommended for home or industry baristas who have the skill to consistently produce proper milk temperatures and textures.

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Advanced: Sensory Development

Our highly anticipated Sensory course involves a full day of coffee immersion aimed at supercharging your sense of smell and taste through practical exercises. Inspired by some of the Q Grader exams, we recommend this course for industry professionals comfortable dialing in coffees, adept at tasting black coffees and ready to develop their palate.

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Workflow Hero

Easy breezy convos with your customers while smashing coffees will soon become effortless. Suitable for intermediate baristas who are wanting to 'level up', our Barista Trainers will customise your session to areas in which you'd like to strengthen your abilities to improve your work flow. A course full of practice to give you the confidence of a true Specialty Coffee Barista!

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No matter what your requirements, our professional trainers will work alongside you to customise a fun and interesting specialty coffee experience. Whether you’re a business looking to bring your team together, a school group or having a celebration! — we’ve got you covered.

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Coffee Course Gift Voucher

Give the gift of being able to create the best cup they can. Acoffee training coursegift voucher is the ideal present for that special someone who is looking to improve their skills on a home machine or a professional setting. If they’re a coffee connoisseur with limited spare time, the course value will also work as credit on all products on the Five Senses website.

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