Respecting the Traditional Custodians

Five Senses is thrilled to engaged in tangible ways of recognising and respecting the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we are located. Reconciliation is something we have an active plan for in our day-to-day operations. Through the national Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program our company has made a formal commitment to turn good intentions into a strategic contribution.

At Five Senses our RAP document is a fitting neighbour to our mission of Impacting People Positively. As a company we are so pleased to support the community measures to achieve equality in all aspects of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The implementation of Traditional Place names on all our addresses was an easy beginning to the reconciliation we are committed to. Following this was the commissioning of artwork by Yabini Kickett as an honouring of the land on which Five Senses was founded in WA.

Our Action Plan seeks to promote positive race relations through anti-discrimination strategies. For all our staff, we look for opportunities to increase understanding of Indigenous cultural protocols and promote an active engagement in NAIDOC and National Reconciliation Weeks. As we intentionally build respect from the core of our business, we welcome collaboration from like-minded businesses who can sharpen our cultural learning needs.

After initiating our RAP Reflect document, we annually review our business in the areas of Indigenous Relationship, Respect, Opportunities and Governance. Our engagement with Reconciliation Australia allows us to measure both our challenges and achievements and positively move forward on our journey towards reconciliation.