Tools of the Trade

Achieving outstanding coffee takes a bit of effort.

This job is only made harder when your equipment is working against you: inconsistent brew temperatures, quick to fail components and outdated technology are the bane to dealing with that docket line. Luckily, there’s some talented people out there making incredible coffee gear that can eliminate some of those pesky variables. We’ve tracked down and partnered with some of these folks to assemble a selection of leading equipment to enable your delicious brews.


Espresso coffees are at the core of every cafe in Australia and getting the kit right here is time well spent. We’ve been working closely with the lovely team at Synesso since ’07 and we’re super proud to have been their original Australian distributor. Hand built to order by a small team in Seattle, these espresso machines have been constructed with ease of use and engineering excellence firmly in mind. Various models offer up a range of volumetrics, multi boiler technology and pressure profiling systems.

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While filter coffee is a relatively new phenomenon within the cafes of Australia, it’s rapidly being adopted for its ability to showcase unique coffees and a lighter, refreshing style. Brewed coffee is a drink style we’re pretty excited about but at the same time, we’re conscious that it needs to effectively integrate into the busy flow of an espresso-centric cafe. The folks at Marco have been building an innovative range of both hot water systems and brewing gear for decades. Their current line offers some great equipment, no matter how large or small your filter program is – from entry level hot water towers to cutting edge batch brew systems and a stack of other toys.

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The firm leaders in espresso grinders for years, Mazzers can be found in specialty coffee venues throughout Australia and around the world. Tried and true workhorses that have been delivering tasty results, learn some more about the Mazzer range of grinders.

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The Poursteady is an automated, on-demand brewer that’s available in a 3 or 5 cup model. This amazing piece of equipment gives cafés the power to deliver multiple consistent brews simultaneously while also boosting customer engagement with the push of a button.

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