From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Father & son combo, George and Anthony (former Butchers Block, Butchers Apprentice, Mr spofforth), have made sure your experience at Goodfields is one to remember. From the white pressed metal ceiling, oversized macramé screen, light streaming in from the wall to wall windows, and the amazing decorations of plants (keep an eye out for the cute green rabbits) you’ll be excused if you forget to order!

The menu at Goodfields is one not to miss; think traditional Australian staples with Greek flair for the modern café. Anthony said:

We wanted to do things that was left field, but not over the top that made it cringe. We do it our way and try to make it as unique and memorable as we can. It gets boring when your whole menu looks the same as the guy down the road and there is nothing unusual on there.

I could tell you about my favourite dish, but then I would be listing everything on the menu. Anthony’s favourite is the Lobster Benedict. It’s something different, but jam packed full of flavour and textures – the crustacean sauce, the mushy peas, it’s a must! If you feeling something more on the brekky side, get the Bircher Muesli. Boasting dehydrated kiwi fruit, honey glazed banana, mixed berries and coconut bircher, every bite is a taste sensation different from the last! For those who are feeling a little bit cheeky my favourite is the Lamb Pita (or as I like to say, yeeros 😉); slow roasted Aussie lamb shoulder, labneh, cucumber, mint on soft pita with thick cut chips – you can’t go wrong.

The drinks side has definitely been nailed as well, refreshing ice teas, delicious cold brew, coffee kombucha, milkshakes and smoothies as well as a Specht’d out 4 group Synesso banging out Darkhorse for milk coffees and, a rotation of Five Senses single origins, you are covered on all bases. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the Peanut-butter Shake, decadent and scrumptious.

Head down and say hello to Anthony or George. You may even catch wife Gina behind the till or brother Pierre all hands-on deck 😊

Goodfields Eatery
37 Lindfield Avenue,
Lindfield NSW 2070

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday: 6am – 5pm

Instagram: @goodfieldseatery

© Photos provided with permission by Tim Pascoe. All rights reserved by photographer.

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