Supplier Code of Conduct


Five Senses Coffee is committed to impacting people positively. We have four core values that dictate our behavior: CARING, ETHICAL, EXCELLENT, POSITIVE, and require all employees to conduct themselves according to these core values when dealing with colleagues, suppliers, clients and stakeholders. We expect the same high standards of our suppliers. We view our Suppliers as partners and we care about the way they do business when providing goods or services so our customers know we can be trusted.

The Five Senses Coffee Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) describes the minimum expectations in the areas of: people, health and safety, environmental practices, and business ethics. It is expected that suppliers review this Code and ensure that relevant areas of their business and supply chain meet these standards.

1.1 Alignment to the SDGs
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) invite action from the private sector to address some of the world’s most pressing development issues. The four SDG areas of focus that Five Senses Coffee is working on are:

Situated in a broader ethical sourcing framework, our Supplier Code of Conduct is one way Five Senses Coffee aligns with the SDGs. By managing actual and potential human rights and environmental risks in our supply chain we are, in a small way, contributing towards SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth, and SDG 12 on responsible consumption and production.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of the Code is to set out the minimum standards of behaviour we require of our suppliers. The code is applicable to all suppliers with an expectation the Code is adhered to in their own supply chains as well. We invite suppliers to discuss and develop any of these points and we will provide guidance when requested.
1.3 Commitment
Our commitment to suppliers is our four core values in practice: CARING, ETHICAL, EXCELLENT, POSITIVE. Our company has a responsibility to ensure our four core values are communicated and in practice with our suppliers and reflected in each suppliers’ supply chain.
2.0 People

Suppliers must comply with applicable international and national laws and standards in relation to labour practices and human rights. It is expected that suppliers place the utmost importance on the human rights of workers and individuals in their own supply chain.

Five Senses Coffee expects their suppliers to abide by:

- Freedom of association

- Humane treatment

- Legal wages and benefits

As defined by the international community.

Five Senses Coffee strictly does not support or condone suppliers use of:

- Child labour

- Forced labour

- Exceeding legal working hours

- Discrimination

- Deductions in wages or benefits as a disciplinary measure

3.0 Safety

Five Senses Coffee expects suppliers to comply with all applicable national and international labour laws, standards and regulations on working conditions. All suppliers must make the health and safety a high priority for their employees, contractors, visitors and those in the community by their operations.

Five Senses Coffee expects suppliers to:

- Ensure worker exposure to potential health and safety hazards are controlled
- Ensure the prevention, management, reporting and tracking of occupational injury or illness
- Encourage workers to raise health and safety concerns
- Provide workers with regular and appropriate workplace health and safety related information and training
- Place the highest of importance on the welfare of employees in the areas of:

o Comfortable temperature
o Adequate lighting
o Ventilation
o Clean and hygienic workplace
o Sanitary food, preparation, storage and eating facilities
o Clean drinking water, clean toilets and washing facilities

4.0 Environment

Suppliers must comply with applicable international and national laws and standards in relation to environmental management. Suppliers are encouraged to consider a lifecycle approach to minimise the environmental impact of its products and services from creation to disposal.
Five Senses Coffee expects and supports suppliers to:

- Obtain and keep current, all required environmental permits and registrations
- Ensure the efficient use of resources
- Ensure waste of all types is reduced or eliminated at the source
- Identify and appropriately manage materials posing a hazard if released to the environment
- Identify all potential waste streams and manage these with applicable regulations
- Effectively manage air emissions such as aerosols, corrosives, particulates, ozone depleting chemicals and combustion by-products generated from operations.

Five Senses Coffee encourages suppliers to investigate and implement methods to improve energy efficiency and energy consumption.

5.0 Business Ethics

Five Senses Coffee expects the highest of standards in all ethical conduct. Every supplier is expected to operate ethically in every aspect of its business including relationships, practices, sourcing and operations. Five Senses Coffee expects suppliers to:

- Have a zero tolerance for corruption, extortion, or embezzlement
- Never make or approve an illegal payment to anyone in any circumstance
- Reject offers or bribes in order to obtain improper advantage
- Disclose all information regarding their labour, health and safety, environmental practices, business activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
- Respect intellectual property rights of Five Senses Coffee
- Uphold standards of fair trading, advertising, and competition
- Comply with data privacy and confidential information and security laws and regulatory requirements
- Exercise due diligence on the source of goods and materials

All suppliers must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, both in letter and spirit, in all the countries in which they operate.

6.0 Governance

Where any non-compliance with this Code is reported by suppliers or assessed by Five Senses Coffee during auditing activities, Five Senses Coffee could ask the supplier to plan and implement any corrective actions.

Compliance with the principles contained in this Code is a criteria that will be taken into consideration in Five Senses Coffee’s supplier selection process.

Five Senses Coffee reserves the right to terminate any relationship or agreement with suppliers refusing to take corrective actions within a reasonable period of time. In a case of a serious breach or violation by a supplier, Five Senses Coffee shall automatically cease any business relation with this supplier.

8.0 Contact Us

To raise a concern or request clarification, the supplier can send an email to: with the subject line, “Supplier Code of Conduct."

Five Senses Coffee will ensure that all raised compliance issues in the Code are resolved quickly, fairly and at the proper level in Five Senses Coffee.