Baratza Preciso

Baratza Preciso

NOTE: we no longer stock this grinder as Baratza have updated their range. If you’re looking for a solid grinder for home use, check out the Baratza Sette range!

The Preciso is a beautifully designed conical burr grinder which leads its class with its exceptional grind quality and functionality. Elegant in appearance, the Preciso lives up to its name as a precision grinder with a micro-adjustment system that can be dialled in like a commercial grinder. With a coffee throughput of 2.4 grams/second, the Preciso is exceptional for both espresso and other brew methods. In addition to featuring Baratza's popular 40-grind adjustment options, the Preciso adds a second micro-adjustment level which further divides each of the 40 steps into 11 distinct settings. This means you have infinitely more control over your espresso grind. The Preciso is exceptionally affordable and the perfect partner to any domestic espresso machine.


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