Baratza Forte

Baratza Forte

The ultimate Baratza grinder that features revolutionary in-built grind by weight functionality.

The Baratza Forte is the ultimate Baratza grinder. Using flat burrs, the Forte produces an incredibly accurate grind. Genuinely innovative, its ground-breaking 'grind by weight' feature called: 'Smart Dose' allows you to weigh your dose and accurately convert it to time. The Forte features metal construction, a small, lightweight footprint, an intuitive control panel and solid macro/micro adjustment. This machine is the most adaptable, multi-purpose grinder on the market and will suit any espresso and manual brew needs you have for your home. In addition to its all-purpose ceramic burrs, all Baratza Forte grinders sold in Australia will come with a set of steel burrs (which are specifically designed for filter coffee grinding) and a portaholder.


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