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The only thing worse than a bad cup of coffee is a bad cup of coffee with a side of fluorescent lighting. Ditch the diner and give filter coffee a try! The filter coffee world is constantly seeing new brewing innovations and with so many devices out there, finding the perfect filter coffee might feel like mission impossible. While espresso requires a machine that will deliver constant temperature, waterflow and pressure, filter brewing opens the door to creativity, experimentation and discovery. Compared to our good mate espresso, a filter brew is much less concentrated, much easier to drink (often compared to tea) and much more affordable to make at home!

Welcoming the Origami Dripper to the stage, this device is down-right gorgeous but is it actually a good brewer and more importantly, is this going to be a staple in my morning routine?


Out of the box:

Is it safe to say that the Origami Dripper is a work of art? Yes, yes it is. It is single-handedly the most aesthetically pleasing brewer that has ever sat on my kitchen bench and I’m in love with the shape of (it). It includes a dripper holder to place on to a server or cup whilst brewing and the distinctive grooves of the brewer mimics folded paper to allow for consistent flow. While my heart is set on the navy blue brewer, there is also black, grey, pink, turquoise and white. There is also a beautiful wooden holder you can add to your set up to add warmth to your dripper. 



It’s extremely easy to use. The design of this brewer creates a smooth flow of water and consistent extraction. The dripper is crafted out of Mino porcelain, one of Japan's most prestigious potteries with a history of more than 400 years, keeping a steady brewing temperature inside the dripper. The most beautiful things in life are fragile, so don’t drop it! In testing, I’ve played around with different recipes and compiled my thoughts into a final brew guide to get you started! 


Origami brew guide

Ingredients & targets

  • 15g of your favorite filter roast coffee (lighter than espresso)
  • 250g/ml of filtered water (1:16.7 ratio coffee:water)
  • 94° degrees celcius water
  • Target TDS: 1.25%-1.5%



  1. Bring kettle to 94° degrees
  2. Place paper filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. Empty decanter. Place Origami on decanter on the scale. Tare.
  3. Add grounded coffee (15g)
  4. Switch on timer and pour 50g of hot water in 15s in a steady circular motion to release gas from the bed of coffee. Make sure the bed is fully saturated.
  5. At 0:30min, pour 100g of water in 15seconds in a steady circular motion. Stay in the center and avoid pouring into the gaps of the filter.
  6. At 1:15min, the water should have fully passed through the coffee bed. Pour the last 100g of water in 15seconds. If it is not the case, adjust your grinder a bit coarser (towards higher numbers on grinder)
  7. Your total brew time should be 2min 15s. Discard the used filter paper and rinse the Origami.
  8. Sit back, relax, and sip your deliciously brewed coffee.

Need some help or want to learn more about filter brewing? Book yourself into our 3h Filter brewing class here!

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