Baratza has officially unveiled its latest generation of grinders at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo on the weekend and we couldn’t be more impressed by the results. As their exclusive importer in Australia, we were lucky enough to be sent a sneaky demo unit and it’s safe to say it’s caused much excitement around the roastery.

The new grinder, the ‘Sette’, comes in two models: the 270 and 270W. The name Sette, meaning seven in Italian, references both the striking profile and the fact that it’s the seventh generation of grinder from the US based company. This exciting new grinder is rock solid in appearance and build-quality and, with it’s near-zero grind retention, is looking to take home grinding up to a whole new level.

The Sette 270 is an elegant, well thought through grinder, featuring conical burrs with intuitive micro-adjustments for both grind size and grind time. The 270W retails all of the features of it’s younger sibling but also offers up the holy grail of espresso prep – grinding to weight, directly into the portafilter! This slick setup is the result of a great colab between Baratza and our good friends at Acaia. Now how’s that for the ultimate tech team?!

Sitting roughly between the entry level Encore and the bells-and-whistles Forte, the Sette models will see the phasing out of the Preciso model in favour of its sweet new technology. The Sette is a complete overhaul on its predecessor models with not only a new look but also an innovative approach to the internal mechanics. Some of the new features on this latest generation from Baratza include:

  • Straight-through burr technology from Etzinger. This amazing new technology for home grinding is achieved by the outer burr rotating whilst the inner burr remains fixed, which doubles the efficiency of similarly sized grinders. This feature sees the coffee travel the least distance between the bean hopper and either your portafilter basket or supplied ground canister, in turn reducing the amount of ground coffee retained in the system for maximum freshness.
  • Incredible repeatability: The macro/micro grind adjustment mechanism is directly connected to the conical burr resulting in immediate and accurate grind adjustment.
  • Speedy Grind Delivery: For espresso based grinding, it’ll deliver 3.5g/sec while in a manual brew setting, a stunning 5.5 g/sec.
  • Weighing Technology: On the Sette 270W precise weight based dosing is achieved using Acaia scale technology.
  • Bluetooth: With the Acaia colab comes the capability for your Baratza to connect via Bluetooth to a nifty app (details coming soon!).
  • A digital display with programmable buttons makes setting up your grinder easy as pie.

And we’re not the only ones that think this new grinder is ground breaking. The Sette 270W has just been awarded ‘Best New Product’ at the SCAA! Read some more about this sweet new bit of kit over at Baratza:

Note: We’re expecting the first batch of Settes to arrive mid February 2017, so if you’re keen to reserve one for yourself click on the following links to pre-order: Baratza Sette 270 or Baratza Sette 270W.

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