Eggspresso Martini

I was once told by someone that people who love espresso martinis are bringing the specialty coffee into disrepute.
The thing is; espresso martinis are delicious! When made with great quality and freshly poured coffee, there is no reason it cannot be enjoyed for what it is; a fun beverage that delights your tastebuds.

Rumour has it the Espresso Martini was not invented that long ago, seemingly being created in the early 80s by someone who ordered a drink from a bar tender that would ‘wake me up’. A double shot of espresso combined with sweetness and a bit of a kick is bound to wake you up!
Whilst technically not a martini, this infamous cocktail is typically served in a martini glass and can be commonly made with any of the following: vodka, Frangelico, Kahlua, Tia Maria, Mr Black, or whatever else you love to add to your coffee.

Coffee and chocolate is a classic combo, so with the time of year front of mind I set to creating a version of the espresso martini which incorporates these two ingredients – with an Easter twist.
Served this way, and at this time of year, it has the added bonus of becoming an Easter Dessert!

Image courtesy of The Grounds of Alexandria.

Eggspresso Martini


  • 30ml spiced rum
  • 15ml choc liqueur
  • 15ml vodka (or vanilla vodka)
  • 10ml simple syrup
  • Double shot espresso
  • Ice


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, lots of it.
  2. Weigh, grind and extract your coffee beans. We used our Dark Horse blend for this recipe; its character driven body with loads of dark chocolate notes work perfectly for what we were after!
  3. Measure all ingredients and add together over the ice. Never mind if your hot espresso melts it, it won’t for long.
    (Caution, ensure your shaker is fully combined before taking on the next step. If you miss this trick, you risk ending up with espresso martini all over your floor. And bench. And legs. And shoes. And cupboards.)
  4. Shake until chilled. Your drink should be lovely and frothed, with a good amount of crema on top.
  5. Strain into chocolate egg – or if you have already eaten the egg then any type of glass will do.
  6. Enjoy responsibly. 😊

This is best enjoyed with fellow coffee friends, you can have even more fun by loading your egg with chocolate drip, or salted caramel or your favourite sprinkles.

We hope you find it as eggsceptional as we do!

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