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Five Senses is proud to be working collaboratively with Melbourne based studio Specht, who specialise in the most stunning and personalised custom espresso machines. Whether it be for home espresso enthusiasts or the coffee community at large, these bespoke machines will elevate the standard for specialty coffee.

At Specht, each client is unique and therefore every detail in a customisation involves considered design detail to complement the customer.  

Such masterpieces demand the flow of the ultimate elixir, which is why Specht chose Five Senses as its exclusive coffee partner.

Team Favourites


I love Hi Fidelity for its rich flavour along with some sweet fruit flavours and floral highlights. It cuts beautifully through milk but works equally well as an espresso! It's definitely my pick of the bunch!

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At home, we savour creamy coffee with a bold kick and that's why Dark Horse is our top pick. If you appreciate the robust traditions of Italian coffee or crave a strong and flavourful brew, Dark Horse is your coffee.

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Crompton Road is my go to whenever friends are over because I know it's a coffee that everyone is going to enjoy. It's so versatile whether I'm making an espresso, espresso martini, or flat white.

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Loved the Royal Sampler?

So you're a proud owner of a brand new custom Specht Design espresso machine and are on the hunt for delicious quality specialty coffee. To help get you started, we've curated a collection of three specially selected house blends! If you loved one of the blends in your Royal Sampler, simply enter the code you received with your espresso machine upon checkout and redeem $$ off your first order!

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The right choice for a deliciously smooth coffee!

If you want to drink your coffee with milk, we recommend choosing a blend.

With a blended coffee, most of the time, specific single origins have been chosen to use in that blend that create a complex and balanced espresso while still having a milk based beverage in mind. The coffees have been carefully selected to provide increased body, some delicious brown sugaring flavours, or to simply add some floral complexity in order to help balance the espresso.

If our range of blends is still a little daunting, you can't go wrong with Crompton Road!

Crompton Road Blend

Named after the first home of Five Senses, our Crompton Road blend is all about comfort. With a nod towards more traditional flavour profiles, this blend is perfectly suited towards milk coffees. Think rich flavours of milk chocolate, malt and praline with a smooth, full body.

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How to keep the entire household happy!

Can't agree on what temperature the house should be? Two camps on which way around the toilet paper roll should sit? Lets make coffee choice the easy part!

To keep everyone in the house happy, we recommend a coffee that can be used in both deliciously smooth flatties as well as a bangin' espresso. Enter our Dark Horse blend - the people's champion.

Dark Horse Blend

Crafted from distinctive origins, our Dark Horse blend offers up a complex and dynamic cup whether in milk or as a black coffee. Enjoy rich dark chocolate and red stone fruit flavours with complex acidity and mouthfeel.

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Welcome to the coffee appreciation society!

If you want to drink your coffee with black, we suggest exploring our range of single origins.

A single origin coffee is from a single known geographic location, such as a farm or estate. This allows the coffee drinker to appreciate the specific nuance that a particular growing region provides. So if you are a black coffee drinker you will be more likely to perceive and enjoy this subtlety of flavour easier without milk masking it.

If you want a tried and true coffee that will consistently be delicious as an espresso or long black, you can't go wrong with our Tightrope Blend!

Tightrope Blend

This is a blend with character! With a large proportion of natural process Ethiopian coffee in the mix, our Tightrope blend will make you sit up and take notice. Vibrant floral aromas drift from the cup well before you dive into nuanced layers of vanilla and stewed berries, all wrapped up in a syrupy body!

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