Venture into exciting flavour territories with this single origin from Central America’s, Guatemala! We know you’ll love this specialty coffee produced amongst a diverse landscape, dotted with volcanoes and with a long, celebrated history of coffee farming. Roasted fresh to order, this single origin is going to find fans amongst black coffee drinkers and those who enjoy a lighter bodied, juicier cup. In the cup, you’ll find flavours of nougat, stone fruit and milk chocolate.

Preparation for Perfection

In your hands is some delicious specialty coffee: now what? Follow these few simple steps to juice the most flavour from them and craft the coffee you’ll love.

  • Keep it fresh: buy just as much coffee as you’ll brew up for a couple of weeks to make sure you’re starting with fresh produce. Keep airtight and store in a cool, dark spot.
  • Grind it fresh: coffee stales rapidly once it’s ground so make sure you grind just what you’ll brew, right before you pop it through your espresso machine.
  • Follow a recipe: a key to excellent espresso is achieving a good ratio between the amount of coffee you use to the volume of water you put through it, and how long that process takes. A good starting point is below.
  • Milk magic: Always use fresh milk or alternatives and, to achieve a silky micro-foam, very slowly lower the jug as you steam to inject the smallest amount of air. Once finished steaming, always swirl the jug to incorporate the foamy top with the milk underneath before you pour.


The Rambler blend is crafted to be a flavoursome, rich coffee, perfect for pairing with milk. Start with this recipe and you’ll be achieving deliciousness in no time.

  • Basket size: 19-22g basket
  • Dose (in): ground coffee in your basket: 22g
  • Dose (out): the weight of your espresso extraction: 44g
  • Time for extraction: 27-31 seconds
  • Temp: 94°C

For more details on how to make great espresso at home, read here: How to make killer espresso at home.


Celebrating the people who farm and produce the coffee we all love is key to specialty coffee. The coffee that makes up Rambler is sourced with the same specialty coffee ethos Five Senses delivers to its leading café customers. The current harvest comes to us thanks to a great relationship with woman-owned, Primavera Coffee Importers who work closely on the ground in Guatemala to support and showcase the work of hundreds of small holder producers. Single origins are a seasonal product so make sure to enjoy it while it’s here!

Currently featuring in Rambler:

  • Lomas Altas from Raul Sanchez Agustino, New Oriente, Guatemala.

Impacting People Positively

Five Senses Coffee collaborates with our origin partners, our staff and our local communities to accomplish projects that make positive impacts in a diverse range of people’s lives. From partnering with BCorp certified coffee exporters and funding drinking water projects in Tanzania to providing coffee training for refugee and migrant youth and donations to fundraising fighting homelessness, we roll up our sleeves to lift others up.

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