Other Projects: International

In our journey to bring delicious coffee to life, we come across a range of opportunities that grab at our heart strings and offer us the chance to reach out and impact people positively.

After years of direct trade sourcing, we’ve developed some incredible relationships and been offered a unique insight into the lives of many of our partners at origin.

3 Sisters African - Coffee Specs


We sources 1,500 glasses, at five different (colour coded!) prescriptions, for women employed to sort coffee with 3 African Sisters in Rwanda. While these glasses help improve the quality of coffee they produce, the greater impact is that these women will have lasting job security – even if their eyesight diminishes with age!

With women as their focus, 3 African Sisters strives to improve the economic opportunities for Rwandese women coffee farmers, by empowering them with the prospect of marketing their unique specialty coffee to the world.


Tanzania Water Project


After an assessment on water accessibility around Acacia Hills Estate (owned by Portland Roasting Company), it was decided that this was a HUGE need – families were spending six hours a day collecting water. The goal: bring easy water access to over 2000 people!

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From building an elephant proof dam to piping water 1.5 miles to the village and setting up multiple 500L tanks, this hasn’t been a small project! Read the most recent report here: Tanzania Water Project

A collaboration that spanned the globe, spearheaded by Portland Global Initiatives (founded by Mark Stell), with Acacia Hills Estate, Portland Roasting Company, and Java Jackets, and a healthy does of support from roasters around the world, such as yours truly.


Soccer Jerseys


La Florencia team looking fly in their new gear! We regularly provide coffee farmers with soccer shirts – whether it’s for the local sports team, or or the ‘big kids’ on the farm – to help build a sense of community.

P.s. Sin azucar = no sugar