Kalita HA 185 Ceramic Wave

Kalita HA 185 Ceramic Wave

The Kalita 185 is the ultimate one cup pour-over brewer.

We at Five Senses have decided to simplify our offering of filter-brewing devices. Given the broad range of devices to choose from in the pour over category, we've tried and tested many different devices, each with their own pros and cons. Realistically, you're splitting hairs when comparing the level of beverage quality achievable on each brewer, so at the end of the day our selection criteria are based on a lot of things which fall outside those parameters. The slim and sturdy porcelain is the perfect merging of light weight and lasting durability and is a collaboration between Kalita and Hasamiyaki. In testing, the Kalita Hasami 185 Ceramic Wave Dripper pour overs have come out on top due to their high level of useability, consistency/repeatability and their aesthetic qualities.


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