Brood Nitro V2PX

Brood Nitro V2PX

Serving out a delicious Nitro brew coffee in your café has never been easier!

The Nitro V2PX series from Brood draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag-in-a-box, chills it and infuses the coffee with nitrogen, so fridges are not essential. The nitrogen used is extracted from the air, meaning that no nitrogen tanks are required. Because of this the V2PX produces unlimited nitro coffee for as long as you need it, without the hassle of replacing tanks or monitoring pressure regulators. Simple, quick, portable, awesome.

The twin tap also offers a straight chilled line as well, allowing the user to serve the same coffee chilled OR chilled with Nitro! Expand your coffee menu with the V2PX machine and experience the on-demand, low-wastage convenience of nitro coffee.

Available in single tap and double tap versions, with black stainless finish.


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