Krysty Prasolik

barista trainer & account manager
New South Wales

Little did she know that the coffees being passed down by European grandparents as she hid under their kitchen table was the beginning of a lifelong obsession. Years on from those childhood memories, and now steeped with an amazing resume of coffee cred, Krysty Prasolik forms part of our guru team of Account Managers in NSW.

The path from those childhood memories to here is classic in the world of specialty coffee - heading off to uni for a Business degree, Krysty applied for a part time job in the local cafe to pay the way. Starting on register, her inquisitive mind soon saw Krysty jump into a barista role and a serious dive into a coffee obsession. Finishing university and moving into the corporate world, Krysty found her mind returning to these golden barista days. Visits down to Melbourne and some early experiences with fruit filled natural process coffees and V60 filters blew her mind and confirmed the inevitable return to the coffee world.

With this coffee filled vision, Krysty joined the well trod path of Australians heading to London. An intended 1 year move turned into a 12 year stint, with Krysty elbow deep in the emerging specialty scene of London. With gigs at respected Kaffeine, Allpress UK and Curators Coffee under her belt, Krysty returned to Aus where we were stoked to welcome such an experienced pro to the team!

A self-acknowledged coffee nerd, Krysty is quite happy spending her 'spare time' filled with ever-more coffee explorations. She's a big fan of the diverse and delicious flavours of Guatemalan coffees, especially if prepared with a Chemex - loving its ritual and clean cup.

Krysty's broad experience in another coffee culture has granted a valuable unique perspective. A huge appreciator of the strong professional community amongst the coffee folk of the UK, she's excited to help cultivate a similar mutually supportive community in NSW. If you work in coffee or even just enjoy it regularly in Sydney, you'll no doubt bump into this passionate, consummate coffee pro doing just that - connecting community cafe by cafe at a time, all while drinking every coffee passed her way!

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