Burrrrrrrr … even as I type this nestled under the heating vent at the office, my fingers are cold and numb and they’re having trouble finding the appropriate keys. It’s overcast and drizzling outside and the wind is northerly — the time of year when you’d expect that not even the bravest of souls are heading to beach, right? Unless, of course, you’re speaking of going to Voyage Kitchen, just south of Hillarys Boat Harbour in Sorrento, located across the street from the beach and always bustling with warmth and atmosphere.

Whether you’re after an amazing meal prepared with fresh local ingredients, an outstanding coffee or just a cosy spot to relax and breathe in the ocean air, you’re sure to find it at Voyage. It’s the reason Voyage came into existence in the first place, just over 8 ½ years ago. Owners Barb and Micky thought it would be nice if they could open a place that served good food that was made from scratch. Before Voyage, Barb was an architect who maintained a love for cooking. Micky worked in computer science, but was armed with the knowledge that comes from growing up on a farm and together they adopted a method of food preparation that still tends to fall outside of norm. They buy local produce whenever possible, and Barb and Micky personally visit their suppliers to ensure that their producers avoid intensive farming and use only the most ethical methods of raising animals. It’s a massive effort — and you can taste the difference in each blissful bite.

But no matter what culinary adventure you are on, there is something for everyone at Voyage. My personal journey in food has (not so) coincidentally lead me to Voyage around meal time quite a bit lately, and the experience is consistently pleasurable. My mouth is always happy and my belly perfectly full. And I usually have a second coffee, which is pretty rare for me.

When you work in coffee, there’s always an opportunity to take part in the joys of coffee consumption. A luxury, yes, but one that can also work against you if not kept in moderation! But when visiting Voyage, I’m not sure if it’s their sweet, character-driven blend, the warm and friendly atmosphere or the combination of the two that always convinces me to stay a little longer for one more cup of joe. And when you do show up at Voyage, don’t let the fact that there’s a group of people standing outside deter you from coming in. If there is a queue, it always moves quickly and the experience is definitely worth the wait.

I could go on and on about the reasons to visit Voyage Kitchen, but it’s a discovery worth making yourself. Take the short and stunning drive along the coast for breakfast, lunch or dinner (see hours of operation below). Voyage is currently BYO with a liquor license in the works; the facility is also available for group events. Bon voyage!!

Voyage Kitchen
128 West Coast Drive
Sorrento, WA 6020

Opening Hours
Monday 6:30am — 5:00pm
Tuesday — Sunday 6.30am — Late


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