People find themselves in the hospitality industry for a variety of reasons. Many love the flexibility that it gives, others like the social aspect. It’s also not uncommon to find that people support themselves and their other passions with a bar or cafe job. This was true of Zach, the proud new owner of Balmain — until he visited Italy.

It was in Rome that his idea of hospitality was challenged, and ultimately changed. There he saw cafes run by families, cafes which centred around the idea of community and cafes which really seemed to embrace their customers, as well as offering a great product. It makes sense then that he returned to open Balmain in Brighton — part of his upbringing took place there. With that intimate knowledge of what can be an intensely loyal community, he believes it is possible to create the experience he enjoyed in Italy for the southern Melbourne community of Brighton.

Housed in an early 1900’s brick building, Balmain is a warm and welcoming place, while also offering a nod to contemporary European design. Wanting to offer something rich and robust like the cafes he visited in Italy, Zach and his staff serve up Dark Horse on his beautiful new Synesso Cyncra. It’s the perfect tasty beverage to compliment Balmain’s poached eggs on toast with ham, avocado and asparagus — delicious! Dark Horse is also magnificent with one of their beautiful pastries. Yet Zach is quick to remind us that wonderful food and coffee is only part of the equation. Zach was so passionate about putting together a team who could deliver the atmosphere and type of service he wanted to create, that he took longer than usual to interview and hire his staff, often working long hours to cover all the needs of a young café.

If you’re ever in Brighton or just find yourself south of the city, pop in to Balmain. You’re assured of a beautiful experience surrounded by some lovely people with food and drink worth coming back for!

117 Were Street
Brighton, VIC, 3186,

Opening Hours
Tuesday — Sunday 7:00am — 4:00pm

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