Finally, a café in the heart of the Bridge Road shopping district, that offers more than just your standard Bridge Road dishes.

Owners Kirrily Stewart and Anna Ingle want to showcase an all-Australian menu using all-Australian produce at their first café venture, Gypsey & Musquito. Using Australian ingredients as much as possible in most of her cooking, Anna wants to bring the concept of using only local produce back into minds and the hearts of the Melbourne public.

So, you’re probably wondering just what kind of amazing ingredients are on this menu? Well, let’s just say that not even crocodile is safe around these girls. One of the favorites for the Richmond crowd is the ocean-caught, Tasmanian double-smoked salmon with sea blight, roquette, native finger lime and poached egg, all served on sourdough toast.

So about that crocodile, the aptly named ‘Breakfast in a Skillet’ is where you will find this angry Australian icon lurking. Crocodile sausage, poached egg and a riberry confit is brought to you in a miniature cast iron skillet, hence the highly appropriate name; tasty stuff.

For the cake selection, Kirrily simply states, ’It’s everything your Mum used to make’, including all the iconic Australian sweets such as jim jams, rolly pollies, snot boxes (tasty I’m sure) and upside down cakes. But my personal favorite has to be the G&M version of that iconic Australian treat, the lamington, which is done to absolute perfection. Ingredients for these amazing sweets include wattle seed, lilly pilly and riberry, along with a host of changing ingredients that Anna comes across in her journey into Australian gastronomy.

The use of recycled timber throughout the café, including an old work bench from a Boeing aviation work shop as the communal table, and a heavy duty butcher’s chopping block as the drinks station, adds a homely warmth to the café. The newly opened upstairs dining room is decked out with early colonial furniture from Wally Jonson furniture Melbourne.

As for the coffee, Kirrily is the Queen of the Machine! Using a Synesso three group as her weapon of choice, Kirrily succors the masses with enough caffeine to trudge up and down Bridge Road in search of bargains four times over.

It is truly un-Australian not to drop by Gypsey & Musquito for some original (and bloody tasty), you beaut, Aussie tucker! Mate!

Gypsey & Musquito
382 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC, 3121

Opening hours
Open seven days

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