Willim Espresso is one of the latest espresso bars to hit Melbourne’s ever-evolving coffee scene. Owner Gerrick Numan, formerly co-owner of Collective Espresso, has built a sleek, contemporary and stylish espresso bar in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Malvern. Willim Espresso is situated on a side street off a busy main road, providing a bit of peace and a great spot to sit back, relax and taste some sweet espresso.

With an experienced operator like Gerrick, this place was sure to be a success and Willim Espresso has already made its mark in one of the busiest shopping areas in Melbourne.

While many cafés seem afraid of colour these days, Willim Espresso’s blue and white colour scheme making the venue warm, cosy, inviting and appealing. With a design that highlights Gerrick’s innovative and fun approach to business, the front panel of the 3 group Synesso Cyncra has been treated with blackboard paint, and descriptions of coffee offerings are scrawled here. Willim’s custom espresso blend has been carefully crafted by Gerrick, and combines beans from PNG, Indonesia and Brazil.

There is no doubt that Gerrick and his team are producing fantastic coffee and in fact Gerrick says “it’s unmatched in the area”. Coupled with a simple menu, Willim is already doing brisk trade. The fresh food includes plenty of salads, sandwiches and sweet treats. Gerrick has now begun experimenting with the Clever Coffee Dripper and is looking to start offering this method of brewing to his coffee conscious customers.

The balance between espresso bar and café has found its place at Willim. Often one outdoes the other but Gerrick has managed to create a space that is obviously committed to coffee excellence and also a great place to have a light breakfast or lunch. It’s a place that’s uplifting and lively, a place where locals start their day, and end their day, it’s a default place to meet.

Willim Espresso
90 Union Street
Malvern Vic 3144

Opening hours:
Monday — Sunday 7.00am — 4.00pm


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