Proving that variety can be quality-driven, Peter Byrne and Arnold Salinas have rapidly established their Northcote Bakeshop in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs as the place to go for fine breads and pastries plus delicious Five Senses’ coffee.

Arnie and Peter opened their place earlier this year on the Northcote/Thornbury border, turning a small space into an inviting bakery and café. The main feature is a huge, central bread oven and the formula is simple — take the things people want and like and do them really, really well.

The focus of the bread baking is on an array of sourdoughs covering traditional styles, plus more specialist offerings such as spelt with chia and a rye sourdough, both catering to non-wheaties. Come the weekend, the fruit sourdough flies out the door. It’s dense and fruit-packed, but with that great sourdough texture and tang.

As well as whole loaves, there is a bulging display cabinet of freshly baked cakes and slices, while warming soups have made an appearance for the winter months. Traditional American-style sweets such as Whoopie Pies and Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Cookies sit alongside more Melbourne hipster offerings like Pulled Pork Buns and Empanadas. A chickpea flour chocolate cake is a welcome indulgence for those who often miss out.

A quality-driven approach brought Peter and Arnie to the door of Five Senses, and Peter now spends much of his day at their Synesso Sabre serving up our Tightrope Blend plus a rotating variety of Single Origins. The diverse neighbourhood of Northcote has shown just how broad a scope of discerning coffee drinkers there are in Melbourne. It’s been an eye opener for Peter to see how people from tradies to latte mums have come to appreciate specialty coffee equally which is testament to roaster and barista alike.

These guys have deservedly had some great press since opening and created a broad buzz. Their ‘sourdough for the people’ philosophy is about breaking down the food snob or hipster barrier and allowing everyone to appreciate great artisan food and coffee. It appears to be working!

Northcote Bakeshop
571A High Street
Northcote, VIC 3070

Opening Hours
Monday 6:00am — 2:00pm
Tuesday — Sunday 6:00am — 3:00pm

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