Nestled on Bay Terrace in the sunny haven of Wynnum Queensland, you'll stumble upon Second Home, a petite coffee sanctuary under the wing of Dwelling Place Church. A quaint town boasting a bounty of thrift stores and eateries where Manager Laura McArdle presides over Second Home, dubbing it 'simple and coffee-focused'. Set against a tranquil waterfront backdrop, this spot attracts a motley crew of long-term residents, newlyweds and retirees alike. 

Step inside and feel the sunlight beam through the large windows as the seating spreads throughout a cosy backroom and outdoor alfresco area. The ethos? Keep it simple, keep it caffeinated. In a sea of cafes in Wynnum, they've opted for a straightforward, coffee-focused approach much like a metropolitan cafe vibe. The result? A magnet for Wynnum's youthful transfers and a devoted following of coffee connoisseurs. For the peckish, they've got an array of pastries, brownies, protein balls and even treats for furry companions. 

When asked to help set up and run Second Home, Laura knew she wanted to work with Five Senses, having used and drank our coffee for the last 7 years as a seasoned hospo pro. With our trusty Crompton Road blend leading the charge and a rotating selection of single origins, when it comes to their coffee, they mean business. 

"I've paid for too many average cups of coffee from 'specialty' coffee shops and nothing tastes better than a Crompton Road or Dark Horse flat white. Five's Brisbane support team are wonderful, but most importantly, Five's product is consistently great. And the proof is in the pudding — we receive positive feedback about our coffee on the daily. The day we get a 4 star review will be tragic, and I'll bet it'll have nothing to do with the coffee."

A custom sky blue La Marzocco Linea Classic 2 group reigns supreme atop the counter, flanked by stalwart companions, a Mythos Grinder, EK and a Moccamaster — all ready to whip up your perfect cup. As they gear up to celebrate their first birthday on April 20th, there's no better time to swing by and join the festivities. Who knows? You might just find your Second Home! 

Photo Credit: @joelmacnaught_

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