A few months ago, we officially opened the doors of our beautiful new NSW headquarters in Stanmore in Sydney?s inner west. After a long search for the right space, we set to work designing the interior, filling it with the finest coffee equipment known to barista-kind and infusing the air with the aroma of delicious coffee.

Our goal in fitting out the space was to design an environment with the same attention to detail as that exhibited by leading cafés and espresso bars around the world. We’re hoping our Sydney Academy will inspire students with all levels of experience to take their craft seriously — and to have fun exploring the delicious world of specialty coffee.

Until now, we’ve only been offering limited courses and focussing on spending time with our coffee-loving customers, but as of this week, school’s in! This is the start of a whole new ball game as our main man, David Christie, is now in the house. David’s just landed from Perth via a five week coffee crawl of Europe’s finest and is now based in Stanmore to deliver the highly acclaimed barista courses that make up our curriculum.

David has been a valued member of the Five Senses team for many years, firstly as a casual trainer and eventually heading up the delivery of education at our original training facility in Perth, WA. We’re delighted he’s made the move to sunny Sydney; he’s got a keen eye for detail, a wide range of experience in specialty cafes and a strong desire to pass on the best possible concepts to both trainee and experienced baristas.

So with Dave fresh on the scene, we’re thrilled to announce that the world class training arena in Stanmore, equipped to deliver an awesome training experience no matter what your skill level, is now running multiple classes throughout the week. Bursting with Synessos, Mazzer and Baratza grinders, Acaia scales and all the top-of-the-range equipment a barista could dream of, the Academy is the ideal location to further your coffee skills. For a full list of the courses we offer, check out the Barista Academy website: www.baristaacademy.com.au/courses.

Our Barista Academies are the physical realisation of Five Senses Coffee’s desire to help equip coffee professionals with the tools and knowledge to provide an excellent coffee experience — so we very much look forward to seeing you in Stanmore soon!

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