As a disclaimer before I get further into this article, I hope you are reading this on a mobile device because you want leave to get to Mount Street as quickly as possible. That’s because at the moment, Mount Street is without a doubt one of Perth’s best kept secrets – and it surely won’t stay that way for much longer!

The visionary behind the venue is David Anthony, who also owns the hotel which accommodates the venue. The goal for David is simple. After leasing the space to other restaurants, he decided he wanted to have more control over the quality of fare which was served to the public. The location is outstanding, situated as it is at the base of the Mount St hill (fitness enthusiasts will know the hill well). Conveniently, this makes it close enough to St Georges Terrace (a short walk across the pedestrian bridge) for most the city workers, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle to feel like a vacation.

The Restaurant is on the ground floor of the hotel with a large alfresco area that is, for the most part, shaded naturally by trees, creating the perfect escape from the craziness of the city. A three group Synesso sits proudly on the bench as you walk in and the interior is open, bright and spacious. The barista, Toby, a London expat who has moved to work at Mount Street, has chosen Crompton Road as the house blend. It’s extremely heavy and clean with low acid and they have a rotating single origin as well.

The coffee is a great introduction to the quality that comes from the kitchen in a style that is rarely seen in Perth. Head Chef, Bec Ng, was the sous chef for a number of years at one of my favourite restaurants, Longrain, in Melbourne. Bec explained that the concept of the kitchen is to have a small, varying menu which depends heavily on quality local and seasonal ingredients and which is influenced by Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese styles. The menu has been kept small to maintain consistency and control over the quality of what is being served.

At the same time, Bec wants to separate Mount Street from the rest of Perth by offering high-end quality at a reasonable price, something to which I can attest. I visited this weekend and had a soft shell crab and pork belly marinated in coffee, easily two of the best meals I have eaten in Perth. (The next best would be the Wagu Curry, which was on the menu just the week before.) With an entrée and drinks, it came to just over $50.

Really though, regardless of the price, Mount Street is serving one of the best, if not the best, food and coffee combinations available in Perth at the moment. Currently they are open for breakfast and lunch with dinner coming in the New Year – and if you have a few too many glasses of wine, you can just wander upstairs to the hotel!

Riverview on Mount Street
42 Mount Street
Perth WA 6000

© Photos provided with permission by Matt O’Donohue from Abstract Gourmet. All rights reserved by photographer

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