We’re pretty excited that we’ll be bringing our first ever Q Grader course to our beautiful Stanmore Academy in Sydney! From the 6th-11th of March, we’ll be running the ultimate palate calibration and assessment course, the Q Grader. The amazing Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee will be joining us again as lead instructor. Fully saturated in an incredible amount of coffee knowledge and with wide-ranging experience in the coffee industry, Trish’s courses are always full of extra insight in a week that’s already packed with learning and testing.

After hosting Q Grader courses for years in our Melbourne Academy, we’re thrilled to be able to offer such a fantastic opportunity for learning and professional development in Sydney too.

The six-day Q Course will start on the 6th of March and include opportunities for resits for those needing to complete any outstanding assessments. On Sunday the 12th, we’ll also be hosting a Q Calibration for those who have held a Q licence for over 3 years and want to retain their qualification.

For those of you who are fresh to the Q Grader concept, let me describe what’s involved. Founded by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit group aiming to increase both coffee quality and the lives of those producing it, the Q Grader course is designed to both teach and test attendees on how to cup and grade coffee samples. While a broad coffee knowledge and experience of tasting differing coffees is certainly recommended, the latest format of the Q course is structured to provide participants with an incredible amount of detailed and qualified knowledge during the first three days. The following days then see this knowledge put to the test across a variety of assessments from green sample grading, cupping and scoring through to accurate identification of aroma compounds.

Participants in the course gain a huge amount of understanding about the detail of what defines specialty coffee in an international context.

The Q Grader course is therefore an incredible opportunity to truly calibrate your scoring and assessment of coffees and is the only internationally recognised certificate system for cuppers.

Places for the Q Grader course are limited, so make sure you jump online to organise payment and register for the course.

As mentioned, we’ll also be hosting re-sits for those who need to knock off any outstanding assessments and Q Calibrations for any who have obtained their Q but need to refresh the certificate.

Date: 6/03/2017 — 11/03/2017
Cost: $2,400 (exGST)
Duration: 6 full days
Instructor: Trish Rothgeb

Book Q Grader Course

Date: 12/03/2017
Cost: $350 (exGST)
Duration: 6 hours
Instructor: Trish Rothgeb

Book Q Calibration

Date: Varying times between 6th – 11th March.
Cost – 1-3 Resits: $250 (exGST)
Cost – 4-6 Resits: $500 (exGST)
Cost – 7+ Resits: POA.
Duration: Varying
Instructor: Trish Rothgeb

Book Q Resits (1-3) Book Q Resits (4-6)

Venue: Five Senses Barista Academy – 2A Cannon Street, Stanmore, NSW, Australia

*Courses are fully catered.

For any course related questions, please contact Geoff Clarke.
For more information about the Q Grader Course, visit the CQI Website.

While there’s a lot of content to cover and the assessments can be a little nerve-wracking, we take pride in creating a welcoming, supportive atmosphere at the Academy which is all about sharing knowledge in a safe learning environment. It’s always an incredibly fun week with the added bonus of ingesting a whole stack of valuable coffee knowledge while getting to meet some great people too.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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