With the rise of brew ratios as a cornerstone of specialty coffee preparation, so too have the tools in the barista’s arsenal evolved — and the new Acaia Lunar packs a hefty double wallop of style and substance to help hone the barista craft.

Nestled close to the grinder in specialty cafes, you’ll now often find a set of scales, ready and waiting to gauge the heft of the raw ingredients being dosed. Meanwhile, over on the espresso machine drip tray, the digits of a sister scale are rapidly ticking over, reading the outgoing beverage weight. Taken together, these two scales measure the “ins and outs” of the barista’s recipe for deliciousness. Over the past few years, it has become evident that the scales available just weren’t built to accommodate the demanding coffee environment.

There’s a sad graveyard out there somewhere, piled with scale units with damaged load cells and water-corroded battery housings.

And then there was the Acaia Pearl: an aesthetically beautiful and highly functional scale, the Pearl has become the weigh device of choice for discerning baristas over the past couple of years. Building on the success of this solid product, Acaia have zoned in on the wet, wild and fast drip tray landscape of espresso extraction and have launched their newest product: the Acaia Lunar.

Sized for easy fit onto the drip tray, this new scale highlights the expertise Acaia has at building high quality balances. An elegant aluminum body encapsulates a fully waterproof interior (!) ready to weather watery drip trays and errant extractions. On the usability side, the scales not only retain the handy USB rechargeable battery and Bluetooth app connectivity, but also add some really excellent new features. For example, multiple operation modes are available, including one super cool version which will auto-tare a cup put onto the scale and then proceed to auto-start the timer… cups on and you’re off!

There’s loads of features:

2 Year Warranty: a longer warranty for a hardier scale. Covering the scale, USB cable and 100g scale weight.
Resolution: pinpoint your extraction weights with 0.1g readability. For reference purposes, you can also adjust to 0.01g resolution!
Weight Capacity: 2000g
Fast: 20ms response time provides an ultra-fast response time and instant readings.
Stability: featuring auto-zero tracking and creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability.
Accurate: the highest internal resolution of up to one million counts allows for readability up to a tenth of a gram. This means that the Acaia Lunar even senses weight change due to evaporation.
Built in stopwatch: track the blooming, pouring and infusion time of your brew by syncing with the free app on your smart phone.
Brighter display: improved contrast for better visibility on the display.
Automated auto-off customisation: Decide when is most suitable for your scale to auto turn off, saving battery without accidentally turning off during brewing.
Rechargeable USB power supply: The battery lasts 20-30 hours.

Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • Acaia | lunar scale
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Acaia scale weight 100g
  • Acaia | aerial heat resistant pad for lunar (black)

Sometimes a tool comes along and everything just clicks – it really feels that way when you start using the Acaia Lunar. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully built, it’s a great piece of kit that is aiming to last the test of time for high quality coffee prep. If you’re in need of a great set of scales for espresso (or brew) extraction, the Lunar will not disappoint!

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