Look up Balderdash in the dictionary and you will find ‘nonsense, stupid or illogical talk; senseless rubbish.’ Seek out Balderdash in Port Melbourne and what you’ll find is something rather the opposite — two young hospitality veterans on a mission to create a quality enterprise.

Owners Nick Edgar and Mark Knapp, both formerly of Il Fornaio in St. Kilda, decided that they worked too well together not to be part owners in their own café. After deciding on the perfect location (they discovered that Port Melbourne had a drastic shortage of specialty coffee), they settled on a 19th century pub on the corner of Bridge, and the ever popular Port Melbourne haunt, Bay Street.

Nick and Mark chose to go with Five Senses because they wanted to customize their perfect café blend. After many hours cupping, scrutinizing, and then blending most of the Five Senses single origin selections (not a small feat), the boys finally decided on a blend consisting of PNG, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Guatemala Los Volcanos. The coffee displays subtle red berry notes and a distinct, savory characteristic that blends perfectly with milk.

Because of the omnipresent desire of WOW factor for Balderdash, the choice of espresso machine was easy for both Nick and Mark. Their new Synesso Hydra, which, according to Mark is only at the beginning stages of its potential, takes pride of place in the front of the shop.

Mark and Nick want their customers to have the choice in the coffee they consume. The house blend is the perfect match for the cafe latte crowd in Port Melbourne; the single origin, for those who want to experience something new on a regular basis; and for those hot days, the cold drip coffee (which the boys have only recently added to their repertoire).

With so many coffee choices to work through, you’ll certainly work up an appetite. Brad, head chef formerly of Little Press Club, has you covered. The menu ranges from light and sweet French toast with berry compote, to my favorite Balderdash lunch treat — roast pumpkin risotto, cooked to perfection.

I think it’s time for you to head down to Port Melbourne and experience the true meaning of Balderdash!

295 Bay Street
Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207

Opening hours
Monday — Friday 7:00am — 4:00pm
Saturday — Sunday 8:00am &madsh; 4:00pm


Written by Brigette Paterson

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