What would bring a little cheer to Monday mornings? Smooth the transition from lunch to work day afternoons? Is there anything better than a perfectly brewed coffee, steaming on the desk, just waiting for that first perfect sip? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Five Senses has been roasting specialty coffee for over 18 years and our coffee is readily accessible for any place of work. Remember hauling the dusty Nescafe tin and crystals of hardened sugar out of a sticky cupboard? Well banish that memory forever! Not only is specialty coffee a fantastic way of welcoming guests, it’s also great for generating community, boosting productivity and rewarding efficiency in your co-workers. And it’s entirely accessible for any company in this day and age.

Technivorm Moccamaster Synesso MVP and Mazzer Kony combo Marco Bru F60M with 2 airpots

But who needs extra hassle at work? Not us, that’s for sure! So, we’ve made it simple for businesses to enjoy great coffee. With a Five Senses’ coffee subscription, you select the volume, the frequency and the blend to suit your needs — and we’ll do the rest, delivering freshly roasted coffee direct to your company door, as and when you require it. Whether you need filter or espresso, masses of beans or just a small supply, frequent deliveries or rarer treats, we’ve got you covered. Should you need advice on equipment, we have your back there too. Your subscription volume will depend on your consumption and you can cancel or modify at any time.

Is the thought, “That’d be great, but we just don’t have the gear” running through your mind? Well, we can help there too. Every office is unique and we’d love to work with you to determine the best coffee station for your needs. Your level of investment doesn’t need to be very high to get excellent coffee with a manual brewing device or a batch brewing machine. If productivity and volume are important, we have larger filter batch brewers or espresso machines on offer too. Here are just a few options:


Filter brewing

Single cup brewers can work well for 1-2 staff and provide 1-2 cups per brew. We have a wide range of single (to two cup) filter brew devices such as the Aeropress, Kalita brewer and Clever Coffee Dripper.

Got a slightly bigger office?

The Moccamaster Classic is great for around 5 staff, delivering 5 cups per brew/flask and is ideal for a small office wanting to grab and go.

Need a bit more for your crew?

The Moccamaster CDT Grand would suit 3-12 staff, providing 7 cups per brew/flask. Delivering a perfect cup every time just like its little brother, the Moccamaster CDT Grand is designed for slightly larger offices.

Need a bit more output to keep the crew happy?

The Marco Bru works well for 10-20 staff, delivering 9 cups per brew/flask. Marco is the worldwide leader in batch brew technology and the Bru F60M brews 1, 2, 3 or even 10 filter pots of coffee depending on your immediate needs.

Need industrial quantities to keep everyone awake and happy?

The Marco Jet 6 does an awesome job taking care of 20-50 staff, providing an amazing 24 cups per brew/flask. For larger offices looking to provide delicious coffee for the masses, the Jet 6 is ideal. With 6ltr flasks, the Jet 6 can brew pots of 24 cups. Fast!


Prefer espresso?

The Expobar Minore makes perfect espresso for 1-10 staff. Not everyone loves filter coffee, so if flat whites are your thing, then this affordable dual boiler machine can keep up with any small office.

Need a bit more output on the espresso front?

Any workplace with more than 10 staff desperate for their everyday flatty, might do well to look at investing in a commercial espresso machine. With brands such as Synesso and Expobar providing awesome daily output, your staff will be reminding that your office is ‘the best place to work’ every day. Talk about win/win.

So why not get in touch? We’re here to help. Armed with fresh roasted specialty coffee and great equipment, you’ll conquer even the toughest cases of Monday-itis … and be a true office hero. For more info contact us here.

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