Nestled on the corner of Griffith & McDonald St, just a stone throw’s away from Coolangatta beach, Kefi Café welcomes beachgoers and sunseekers into a space where the lively hum of coffee chatter meets the salty breeze of the ocean 

After acquiring 7 years of industry wisdom managing various cafes and restaurants, owner Marina decided it was time to take the plunge and carry out the ultimate dream that had been brewing since her graduate days of 2014.  

Inspired by the enchanting Mediterranean Coast and Bali’s vibrant café culture, Kefi brings a unique slice of paradise to Coolangatta’s café scene. With an abundance of natural sunlight that filters through the floor to ceiling windows and the warm terracotta hues that adorn the walls, this fit-out represents their core mission to: ‘brighten people’s day’. Take your pick: a seat in the warm open-air alfresco dining area or the salty embrace of the beautiful beach just mere minutes away.  

A gleaming 3 group MVP Hydra sits proudly amongst a Puqpress Q2, and Mahlkonig grinders, all adorned in a gorgeous coconut cream hue with hints of their distinctive orange accents. The Five Senses signature Dark Horse blend graces the hopper accompanied by an ever-changing selection of single origin delights for both espresso and filter enthusiasts. A clandestine gem in Marina’s arsenal is the in-house crafted almond milk, adding a delightful homemade flair to the classic latte. This set up seamlessly marries laid-back Mediterranean vibes with technical expertise, establishing Kefi as the go-to spot for those who value both the art and science of exceptional coffee!  


“I chose Five Senses Coffee for the community and support they offer. Of course the coffee is amazing, too but if it wasn’t for Daniel believing in me and my dream and wanting to help create Kefi, then I don’t know who we would have gone with. The whole process has been incredible, and I am so grateful I partnered with such a loving company that holds the same respect and care for their company as they do mine.” 



Kefi brings to the table a soul-nourishing menu inspired by the Mediterranean, drawing heavily from owner Marina’s years of globetrotting adventures. With Head Chef Vy, the duo has created a menu that is produce-focused with an emphasis on fresh and clean. Their all-day menu includes items like Turkish eggs with cumin yoghurt and chilli butter, Muhammara avo with whipped ricotta and dukkah. And of course, the Kefi hotcake, a homage to Melbourne’s culinary prowess. Stopping by for lunch? Tuck into a gyros platter with a mate or indulge in a hearty Spaghetti al gamberi.  

Kefi is more than just a dining spot; it’s an ode to the joyous spirit of life and so whether you’re visiting for a morning pick-me-up or a leisurely lunch, Kefi is poised to infuse your day with the vibrant energy and zest inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.  

Open 7 days, serving breakfast from 6:30am and lunch from 11am!  

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