Sometimes it seems like there’s more coffee toys than you can poke a stick at. Whenever one pops up, we put it through its paces and see what kind of deliciousness it can help us deliver. Pourover devices have been a staple in our toolkit for a while now but after some further experimentation, we’ve decided to focus on supporting scrumptious gravity fed brews from the Kalita Wave 185.

If you haven’t brewed with a Kalita Wave yet, you can expect some cutting edge qualitative differences compared to results from a Hario v60.

If you haven’t brewed with a v60 yet, I’d still recommend getting a Kalita Wave (ha!). Jokes aside the useability and consistency of result brew to brew with the Kalita has bumped it to the top of our list and whether you’re at home or overseeing a brew bar in a cafe, we’d recommend giving it a burl!

Why more consistent?
The Kalita has three small drainage holes at the bottom which, in addition to the filter paper, allow for an even and controlled drawdown of your brew water, as opposed to the results with one large hole. This helps to standardise your rate of drainage, which in turn provides more consistent results. In testing, we’ve enjoyed great cup quality, clarity and consistency. It’s almost fool proof if you can follow a few basic steps in preparation and brewing.

How do I use it?
Here’s a quick ‘How to’ on brewing with a Kalita:
(available as a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this article)

Kalita Wave brew guide

Great brewed coffee should be complex, satisfying and clean. But most of all, it should be easy to repeat! Here’s a good starting point for a rockin’ Kalita brew:


Ingredients and Targets

  • 15g of your favourite filter roast coffee (lighter than espresso)
  • 280g (or ml) of filtered water, or adjust to a Coffee Brew Ratio of 16.7:1 (brew water : coffee)
  • Beverage after brew: 250g
  • Target TDS: 1.23% ‐ 1.48%


1. Bring your kettle to the appropriate temp (~94°C).
2. Insert filter paper into Kalita.
3. Use hot water to thoroughly rinse filter paper and preheat device.
4. Grind 15g of coffee at a medium coarseness (18‐22 on a Baratza grinder).
5. Place Kalita, with pre-wet filter paper on decanting device and scales, add ground coffee and tare the weight.
6. Pour 50g of 94°C brewing water in the first 15 seconds. This allows the grinds to release the gas they contain and makes it easier to integrate them in to the brew while pouring.
7. Wait 15 seconds before pouring another 130g of brewing water over 15 seconds (during 0:30‐0:45) in a steady circular motion. Stay in the centre and avoid pouring into the gaps of the filter.
8. Pour another 100g of brewing water over 15 seconds (during 1:00‐1:15).
9. After all liquid has dispensed, discard the used filter paper and rinse Kalita.
10. Sit back, relax and sip your deliciously brewed coffee.

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