When I was a kid, I used to get my red frogs from the local deli. However my childhood deli is nothing like Excelsior Deli in Shenton Park. Walking into Excelsior, it reminded me of a New York chic warehouse conversion with high ceilings and exposed lighting. The space was warmed up with clean wooden accents from the benches and tables. The first thing I noticed was the side retail section which was a bit different from my old local deli in Pinjarra. Excelsior Deli has a more sophisticated approach to retail with a great array of higher end products on offer.

What I personally found interesting was seeing four different varieties of bottled water. It was great to see that they are really pushing healthy drinking and eating. You could see this idea flowed through to their food. Excelsior seemed to have an option for everyone — small baked goods, fresh sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, sausage and spinach rolls and gelato. But one of the best things about Excelsior is the take away food options. They offer freshly prepared meals for the time-constrained working professional who wants a great home cooked meal ? all you have do is take it back to the office or home and heat it up.

Another great thing at Excelsior is also something it’s easy to overlook. They offer pay pass. For me, this is a modern day essential. I never carry cash and I constantly forget to go to an ATM before I visit a café, so I always feel like I am ‘that guy’ who holds up the line. At Excelsior, paying was quick, efficient and friendly.

I am always a sucker for the specials board and this one did not disappoint with two great options — Coq au Vin and Beef Curry. So the choice was easy: I got both.

Choosing to pair this with both a long black and flat white made me realise that they are serious about coffee. Their tools of choice were a Mazzer Robur E and a Synesso Hydra Gen two. Excelsior use Five Senses’ Crompton Road blend and when I received the flat white, it was decorated with an awesome rosetta. My initial taste gave me some great molasses and caramel notes.

Excelsior is all about the little things. When I lifted the cup, I saw my order written in liquid chalk which made me smile. It’s these little touches that make the customer feel like they’re someone and somewhere special — what’s not to love about that?

Excelsior Deli
Shp 5/ 142 Onslow Rd
Shenton Park, WA 6008

Opening hours
Monday — Friday 7:00am — 4:30pm
Saturday 7:00am — 4:00pm


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