I love tea. It’s a magic brew, able to adapt to any occasion. But the equipment needed isn’t always as flexible as the brew itself. It’s hard to carry a proper tea pot around (much though I’d love to.) Of course, you can always dunk a tea bag in a cup, but somehow that’s just not the same as properly steeped, loose leaf tea. You tea lovers out there will know what I mean.

For coffee aficionados, the advent of the Clever Coffee Dripper made it possible to brew a cup of high quality coffee on a small portable device in virtually any location. And now we’re delighted to announce that the Handy Brew does the same for lovers of loose leaf tea — with equally impressive results.

A stylish looking clear filter jug with a hinged lid, the Handy Brew is simple to use. Warm the pot. Spoon in the tea (or add tea bags if you wish.) The patented one-way valve in the base means your tea can steep for as long as you want, then you simply place the Handy Brew on your cup and watch while it delivers perfect tea. The Handy Brew works equally well with black and herbal teas. It’s a great invention — portable, virtually unbreakable and flexible. You chose which tea, how long it steeps and get the result you want. Perfect for your desk on a working day, small enough to travel and great for holidays.

It’s so easy to use that instructions aren’t really necessary. But just in case:

1. Warm the Handy Brew
2. Add your choice of loose leaf tea (or tea bags)
3. Close lid and leave to steep.
4. Place Handy Brew on top of cup, thus releasing the one way valve and the tea.
5. Lift Handy Brew off the cup
6. Enjoy. Ahhhhhh.

Check out the Handy Brews in the Brewers section on our website.

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