The Office on Harrogate could be the best thing to hit West Leederville in decades. It’s urban, yet rustic; recycled, yet modern; funky, yet comfortable. How is it possible to incorporate so many great qualities into one place?

With eclectic backgrounds ranging from building, music and of course, hospitality, the masterminds behind The Office wanted to create a space centred around one common theme — being hospitable and providing guests with a quality experience. Like a fine-tuned orchestra, each piece offers something different and the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the kind of experience one can expect at The Office.

More than just a café destination in the office precinct of West Leederville, The Office on Harrogate is open early, offering fresh and healthy meal options from breakfast to lunch. The theme is simple and organic with lots of bright colours, fresh produce and herbs, as well free-range eggs and meats. One could say it’s healthy eating, only healthy eating at The Office includes the sublime bonus of flavour and love — just as if it came straight from Mum’s kitchen.

Beautiful and enchanting salads include options such as roast vegetables with quinoa, spinach and seeded mustard dressing, or a salad of broccoli and Brussels sprouts with toasted almonds and a pesto dressing. The chicken pastille with puff pastry, béchamel and cranberry is guaranteed to be better than Grandma’s, while the tuna and potato fritter with pesto is sure to please everyone.

The size of the kitchen is inspirational and evidence that there’s never an excuse not to create quality. Food options change daily and once the gang has perfected this element, they plan to implement a small menu with a few crowd favourites which change less frequently.

Coffee at The Office is the Five Senses Crompton Road blend. It is chocolaty and rich through milk and full-bodied as an espresso or long black. It was chosen because it was a ‘friendly, sexy blend that appeals to many people.’ Sounds like the ideal mate, and certainly a match made in heaven for this fun, flirty and unpretentious café.

So whether you’re seeking great catering, a venue for a private function or just a chill place to hang out and breathe some fresh air, you’ll find all this and more at The Office on Harrogate. A liquor license is pending, but head there now for a coffee or bite to eat that is guaranteed to make you feel good inside.

The Office on Harrogate
32 Harrogate St.
West Leederville, WA 6007

Opening hours
Monday — Friday 6:30am — 3:30pm

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