You know it’s a great a destination when you see the same loyal staff, top quality products, excitement and general good vibe each time you visit. Welcome to Sissi and Co! Owners Wayne and Kirsty Lo love what they do and can’t wait to get started each day, producing foodie delights for the people of Melbourne.

Wayne and Kirsty Lo were already huge fans of Five Senses before they started Sissi and Co. They were inspired to set up a quality cafe and catering business using top quality produce by participating in cooking classes and gastronomic tours through Europe, particularly Tuscany. It was at 3am in a small town in Tuscany that Wayne and Kirsty took ownership of the Sissi and Co building.

Sissi and Co is a colourful, stylish and welcoming place in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburb of Malvern. If you can manage take your eyes off the delicious array of cakes, goodies and treats (yes, there is a difference) on the front counters, you’ll find plenty of seating, a sunny rear courtyard and separate retail space as well.

It’s clear that Kirsty and Wayne are foodies and very talented to boot. They enjoy experimenting with quality ingredients, have creative flair and the food is so fresh and eye catching you want to buy more than you need!

Sissi and Co serve breakfast and lunch in the café and it is wholesome food, the kind of food people can enjoy time and time again. Breakfast includes everything from freshly baked muffins, to bircher muesli with berries and the famous Sissi BLT. Meanwhile lunch includes ‘Nibbly Sissi’ — dips, chicken and peach chutney, ‘Little Sissi’ — including Chicken goujons with pesto mayonnaise, lamb, fetta and eggplant ball topped with tomato chutney and zucchini and corn cake and ‘Big Sissi’ — including homemade sausage rolls, herb crumbed chicken schnitzel with tomato relish and the infamous chicken and leek pie!

There is a three group Sabre with Robur Electronic set up right at the entrance and the Fives Senses’ Crompton Road blend is the perfect complement to a light lunch or tasty treat.

If you are after some delicious Christmas treats or simply a great meal with top notch coffee, drop into Sissi and Co soon. We know we will.

Sissi and Co
1290 Malvern Road
Malvern, Victoria, 3144

Opening Hours
Cafe: Monday — Saturday: 7:30am — 4:00pm
Provisions store: Monday — Saturday: 7:30am — 5:00pm

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