For this cupping, we were stoked to feature a truly inspiring project coming out of the emerging specialty coffee region of Timor Leste. These coffees are not only important because of their demonstration of unique flavours from a new region, but also because they highlight the capacity for specialty coffee to bring about positive change. Timor Leste is a young nation, established in 2002, and has been on a journey to rebuild after 25 years of heartbreaking conflict resulting in thousands of deaths and widespread destruction of infrastructure. Oil has been the largest earner for this small country by a long stretch but production is predicted to dry up within 3 years.

As the second highest earner for the country, there has never been a more critical time to strengthen and develop the coffee industry of Timor Leste.

Our friends at Raw Material, a progressive green coffee social enterprise, have been doing just that – spearheading a variety of projects in Timor Leste to help improve the profitability and total value of the coffee sector. We’ve been incredibly lucky to score three unique coffees produced from these efforts, meaning that in this Explorer’s Cupping we were able to not only give you an insight into some important work being done by inspiring humans but also taste the results live with you!

If you missed it…

Ben Bicknell and Lauren Stokes are joined by guests Matt Graylee and the Raw Material team to talk about their innovative approach to coffee development in Timor-Leste. If you missed the event, you can watch it here:

We featured these three delicious coffees from Raimutin Village at our cupping. If you missed it (or want to grab your favourite!) get a bag before we run out!

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