Since arriving in Melbourne from New Zealand, I’ve been spending lots of time getting to know a wide range of Five Senses’ customers, as well as taking in the culture and vibe that permeates the city. Australia, like New Zealand, shares a love of all things artisan. Melbourne itself is a diverse hub of this culture; from cafés to bars and restaurants, the artisan approach to creating products is astounding and such products are readily available.

There have been plenty of standouts since I’ve arrived, but recently I’ve had a lot of joy from working with our friends at Xocolatl (phonetically it’s pronounced ‘choc-o-lot-all.’) It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; not only do the Partsioglou family do a standout job of brewing our coffee between their Kew East and Canterbury stores, but their core offering of in-house produced chocolate is remarkable, experimental and, above all, unlike the offerings of other chocolate producers in Melbourne.

Family operators, Chris and Jenny Partsioglou, have been trading with their daughters, Maddy and Tina, since 2005. It’s a truly collaborative effort. Tina and Chris develop and produce the chocolate for both sites, while general manager Maddy heads up the coffee programme for the business. No stranger to research and development, Maddy joined us for our annual Bali trip this year and got some first-hand exposure to learning about how coffee is grown, processed and ultimately exported, while Tina jetted off to Ghana to experience cacao processing/growing first hand.

Experimental techniques with single origin chocolates and interesting ingredients are just some of the things that set Xocolatl apart. Ever thought of pairing gorgonzola and mango in a chocolate bonbon? No? How about a potato-chip chocolate bar? It’s actually mind-bogglingly good and made with real potato chips.

Given that chocolate is their thing, the range of hot chocolates on offer is vast and produced with quality in mind. They are also rocking a brand new Synesso/Mazzer setup, offering the fruity/chocolate-driven Dark Horse blend — a match made in heaven? We think so.

We’re super happy to add this fine family of chocolatiers to our extended Five Senses’ family. Be sure to check in for something delicious.

Xocolatl – Kew
11 Strathalbyn St
Kew East, Victoria

Opening hours
Monday — Saturdays 9:00am — 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am — 5:00pm

Xocolatl – Canterbury
123 Maling Road
Canterbury, Victoria

Opening hours
Monday — Saturdays 8:00am — 5:30pm
Sunday 10:00am — 5:30pm

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