If all good things come to those who wait, then we can expect great things from La Veen coffee on King St. Eighteen months in the making, this is the second venture for the owners and is poised to give Perth that next level café experience which some would argue it is currently lacking. The attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the fit out, the service model and coffee offerings have been agonized over and the well refined result is a joy to behold.

Upon entering the heritage-listed building on the corner of King and Wellington streets, the amazing primeval brickwork and near floor-to-ceiling windows are dwarfed by the behemoth of an espresso machine which decorates the front bench. A six group, 2nd generation Synesso Hydra, powder coated black with Bubinga wood handles and ‘toggles’ by Reg Barber, is paired with two black modded Mazzer Roburs and a matching Black Malkonig EKK43 (a double headed EK43).

In the lead up to the opening, we got together with the La Veen team and developed a custom blend for them to serve. As a result, Apu Peru, San Guillermo Costa Rican and YirgZero from Ethiopia will run through one grinder, while the other will house a single estate intended for black coffee. The EKK is saved for filter and guest espresso. For chocolate lovers, La Veen is using melted, high cocoa content chocolate from Gabriel Chocolate in Margret River.

You may be starting to think this level of attentiveness cannot continue — but it does.

The selection of teas have been sourced and imported in-house. Iced coffees are also made with house-made treacle ice cream and both fresh and frozen espresso cubes. All takeaways are available in 8oz or a custom made 10oz size. Also look out for the custom green lids on their cups. Coffee, the central focus of the business, is crafted with precision and care, not to mention almost every conceivable tool! Beyond the espresso offering, La Veen has a collection of brew equipment (which they use and also retail) that most people will not have seen before. Brewing is done with the assistance of the tried and tested Übergrinder/Überboiler combo.

This pursuit of coffee excellence is perfectly complemented by the inventive and seasonal menu. It has been curated by a chef who has worked at some great restaurants both locally and abroad, including Andre in Singapore and Amusé a little closer to home. The menu is a revolving door of seasonal and foraged ingredients which are united in very intentional combinations, using interesting and refined techniques. Sitting down for a meal at La Veen is a comforting combination of the casual and the sophisticated. Every dish is a little adventure and with each mouthful you uncover more complexity in what has been placed in front of you.

Get excited; the wait is over! The doors are open and the 6 group espresso machine has finally seen the light of day. I look forward to following this café’s journey because, with both their focus on quality and open mindedness to change, I expect La Veen to be a constantly evolving temple of deliciousness.

La Veen Coffee
Shop 1, 88-90 King Street
Perth, Western Australia

Opening hours
Monday — Friday 7:00am ? 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am ? 4:00pm


© Photos provided with permission by Matt O’Donohue from Abstract Gourmet. All rights reserved by photographer

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