How many times have you brewed a single cup of coffee at home only to find yourself begrudgingly splitting it with someone else? It's like a tiny betrayal in a mug, leaving you with a less than satisfying sip and a side of resentment towards your unsuspecting coffee accomplice. But fear not, because Michael Butterworth, the brains behind Etkin, knows your struggle all too well. 

With thoughtful care and extensive research, Michael has created the Etkin 8 Cup Dripper  a magical contraption capable of producing up to 1 litre in liquid gold. In Turkish, 'Etkin' means 'effective' and let me tell you, the brewer lives up to its name. 

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's tired of shortchanging myself on coffee, because the Etkin snagged a spot as a finalist in the prestigious Sprudge Awards, proving that good things come to those who brew. 

As a certified Q grader and World Brewers Cup judge, I've certainly seen my fair share of brewing devices and guzzled gallons of the good stuff. So when it came to competing in the 2023 Australian Coffee in Good Spirits competition, the Etkin became my good companion. 

Sure, it's easy on the eyes with its double-walled porcelain charm, especially when paired with its matching carafe. But what really won me over was the delicious impact it made on my brewed coffee. There are studies now that show how basket shape can influence your overall brew as much as grind size. The Etkin's shape and flat bottom certainly promotes a more even brew extraction, producing a more balanced and sweeter cup. After the initial contact and absorption of heat, the dual wall remains thermally stable, a crucial element in brewing coffee. Compared side by side with other flat bottom brewers, I found the Etkin highlighted the floral and citrus elements in my cup, complementing the overall flavour profile across most of the coffees I have brewed with. 

While up on stage, I needed something that consistently made an enjoyable coffee and while preparing my coffee cocktails for the judges, the Etkin had my back. No matter what recipe I used with the Etkin, its ridges and clever drain hole kept the coffee flowing smoothly. My coffee never choked! On stage, it was better control than I could ever hope for!  

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Etkin even rolled out a 2 Cup Dripper - a pint-sized powerhouse already making waves on the International stage, snagging the Turkish Brewers Cup Championship. Nida went on to use the Etkin at the World Coffee Championships at the Chicaco SCA in April 2024 (and if you look closely, you'll spot yours truly on the panel of judges!). In her presentation, she used the Etkin 2 cup dripper to bring out the best from her coffee. Combined with her recipe, the brewer ensures even extraction, heat preservation and discourages bypass. All these elements and more brought out the amazing floral notes, complex structure and harmony of her Gesha cup from Colombia. 

But it's not just about making great coffee; it's also about doing it sustainably. As a B Corp company, Etkin is all about keeping it green, using 100% Turkish porcelain for a guilt-free brew. 

With both the 8 Cup and 2 Cup in my arsenal, I've got the power to brew exactly as much coffee as I need. So here's to sharing generously one cup at a time! 

Recipe using 2 cup Etkin Dripper: 

  • 18g coffee 
  • 250g water 
  • 94 degrees
  • 2 min 15s
  • 1st pour: bloom, 50ml, 30 sec
  • 2nd pour: 100ml, 30 sec
  • 3rd pour: 100ml, 30 sec

Recipe using 8 cup Etkin Dripper

  • 60g coffee 
  • 1000g water
  • 5 min 

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