Cute, thoughtful and easy on the eye? This may sound like a check list for my perfect women, but it is not. It does, however, sum up the concept store that is The Tenth State. Due to council zoning, they are technically a retail store which is allowed to dedicate a very small portion of their floor space (about 10m2) to serving food and beverages. This limitation certainly doesn’t limit them because TTS have cool and quality all bundled up.

First, the cool. TTS is a concept store, not a café. The concept is that it brings together all the things that Joel Sneeuwjagt and Jess Chisari love — design, home wares, sweets and coffee. You may recognize Joel as the handsome fella behind Stimulatte in Subiaco. As I mentioned, the ‘café’ portion of the shop is a fraction of the floorspace. The rest of the shop displays items you just want to buy, or at least touch. From jewellery to picnic blankets, every item has been individually selected. Thoughtful and intentional design and, as a result, beauty adorn the walls

Now, the quality. Although short on space, they are not short on equipment. Two Mazzer Robur E’s are on bean crushing duties, one running their custom blend while the other features a revolving cast of single origins. They also grind decaf to order on a Mazzer mini. A three group Synesso Hydra does the high pressure work. They have also taken advantage of unused wall space and have a wall mounted cold drip which is served in pre-portioned ‘grab and go’ bottles.

A diverse selection of small sweets is on offer, including gluten free and raw options. They are all sourced locally from a wide selection of small producers.

Back when I was a bright eyed student walking through the gardens of UWA, most of the beverages I purchased were from the Tav. I’m sure my marks would have been better had I chosen coffee instead, but besides Rocketfuel, there was no coffee worth drinking anywhere nearby. Until now, that is. Located on the western boundary of the uni opposite the Caltex on the corner of Broadway and Stirling highway, TTS has plenty of parking nearby. UWA is great for those who ‘Seek Knowledge,’ but for those who seek coffee, you’ll need to stroll next door.

The Tenth State
2/10 Broadway,
Crawley, WA, 6009

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 6:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday 7:30am – 2:00pm

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