Nudity can be a catalyst for fame, just ask any A-grade star — and the suburb of Swanbourne has become famous for its nudist beach. People have been swimming in the nude there since before the Second World War. But there is so much more to this area than people taking their clothes off! In Swanbourne, you don’t mind waiting for 45 minutes for someone to join you for lunch because the sun is shining, the ocean water is sparkling and the sea breeze has not yet kicked in. The scent of the ocean’s brine alone is enough to rejuvenate you.

I am a strong believer that taste is only one part of the whole culinary experience. Think about the best meal or coffee you have ever had. Who were you with? What could you see? What could you smell and hear? This is why it’s so exceptionally easy to sit back and enjoy yourself (and the coffee, of course!) at the newly-opened The Shorehouse in Swanbourne. Every seat in the house has been thoughtfully arranged to give customers a perfect view. The ocean vista, combined with the fresh vibes, local produce and great service, means you are well on your way to an outstanding dining experience before you’ve even tasted a forkful of the delicious food or sipped your coffee!

It is hard to imagine a crew with more experience than those at The Shorehouse. Think Beaufort Street Merchant, The Trustee and Enrique’s School for Bullfighting.

With its motto of fresh and local, every facet of the dining experience has been carefully planned and prepared. This attention to details shows itself in both the clean lines of The Shorehouse (those windows!) and the menus, and flows on to the friendly, sunny attitudes of the staff.

Australia is well known for its amazing shoreline and while The Shorehouse is not a seafood eatery, they certainly pay homage to our Aussie oceans. Seated at the raised lounge bar for lunch overlooking the coast, I couldn’t pass up their selection of Crudo; the goldband snapper, swordfish and yellow fin tuna were fresh and a great start. Mains was a harder choice, but I am a sucker for a seafood pasta, so the blue swimmer crab linguine with garlic, chilli, tomato and sea urchin pangrattato it was! The aromas were incredible and it did not disappoint taste-wise either.

The soundtrack is bright and fun and the acoustics inside are awesome. Even my well trained ears could not hear the milk wand steaming busily right behind me or the irritating twanging and crashing of cutlery being polished. The cheery yellow and white striped umbrellas beckon you. If you happen to dine inside, then why not retire to the sun deck outside to partake in coffee and dessert? My coffee experience was further enriched by the deconstructed coconut cake with quenelles of lemon, almond and passionfruit. It was the perfect accompaniment to my single origin Alice Estate (Brazil) long black with its nutty smoothness and coating finish.

As with every other aspect of The Shorehouse, the coffee programme has been thoughtfully crafted.

They have two 3 group Synesso Hydras (one focussing on dine-in coffee and one exclusively for takeaways), a small army of Mazzer grinders and an experienced team. Their house blend, Crompton Road, is tasting amazing, with rich chocolate aromas and smooth caramel flavours. Their single origin programme will be highlighting their motto of fresh, and they have some exciting plans for cold brew over the summer (think Italian aperitif, ice and a cocktail glass!)

They have a super welcoming approach to take away coffee orders. Leave your caffeine requirements at the counter and then you are able to wait outside for them to bring it to you. Cue Sunday morning dog walking or an end to feeling guilty when your hair drips salty seawater on someone’s floor… Just relax and enjoy the view while you’re waiting!

With its stunning vista over the WA coastline, a fresh menu that showcases local produce, a thoughtfully arranged coffee programme and great service, The Shorehouse has it all! I’m sure this place will become a summer favourite amongst Swanbourne locals and the beach-goers of Perth alike.

The Shorehouse
278 Marine Parade
Swanbourne WA 6010

Opening hours
Tuesday — Sunday 10:00am — 10:00pm

Instagram: @theshorehouse
Facebook: theshorehousewa

© Photos provided with permission by Matt O’Donohue from Abstract Gourmet. All rights reserved by photographer

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