The bushfires raging across much of Australia’s east coast have already devastated hundreds of communities and the season isn’t over yet. In support of those impacted and the incredible volunteers battling to keep others safe, Five Senses, along with many of our fellow coffee community, have established an appeal to raise funds.

$1 per bag

$1 from every bag of coffee sold on our webshop for the rest of January will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

Direct Donation

Five Senses has made an immediate cash donation to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Coffee For Fire Relief

On the 17th of January, we’ll be supporting a nation-wide “Coffee for Fire Relief” event with our café customers. Participating cafes will donate $1 from every coffee sold to one of the nominated organisations below and Five Senses will credit the beans used (up to 10kg).
Any of our café customers wanting to get involved, touch base with your account manager for more info.

We encourage anyone and everyone to donate to these organisations below, providing critical support to those in need:

Cafes participating in Coffee for Fire Relief:


Coffee for Fire Relief

Out of the devastation of the fires around Australia, our hearts have been lifted by the caring and generous response from so many folks. Joining businesses and communities around the country in their fundraising efforts, on 17th Jan we supported 36 of our wonderful cafes in the Coffee For Fire Relief event and collectively we’ve raised over $15,994.29!

We just want to say a huge THANKYOU to our cafe family and their extended customers for their efforts and support of those in need. Sending massive props to so many of our coffee industry peers who have also rallied to pitch in their own efforts. Makes us be proud to be part of this broader community.

These funds have already headed towards Red Cross Australia, The Salvation Army, New South Wales Fire Service and the VIC Country Fire Authority.

$1 ber bag

During the month of Jan we stashed $1 from every bag of coffee sold on our website to send in support of those affected by the bushfire crisis. We’ve tallied up our results and added a little more to the total to round it out to $5,000 which we’ve donated as a split between the Country Fire Service and Red Cross Australia. Thanks to everyone to took the moment to stock up on beans during Jan!

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