Café Elixir opened in Wanneroo two months ago and came as a welcome addition for the multitudes living in Perth’s ever expanding northern suburbs, where top notch cafés are — well, a little thin on the ground.

Taylor Moore slogged it out as a chef on an oil rig for two years to save the necessary capital and, joining forces with his mother and business partner, Beth Graham-Aumua, finally opened the doors on his dream in November. Taylor was born and bred in the hospitality industry and has always wanted a place of his own. He envisaged a nice, simple café in a beautiful setting, and that’s just what he’s created. Café Elixir is well designed, with gorgeous feature wallpaper and moody lighting. It’s part of the Wanneroo Cultural Centre, a $20 million building that boasts a museum, library and art gallery. Perfect for expanding your cultural horizons after a coffee!

Taylor was born and raised in Melbourne, and his family has always worked in hospitality. He wasn’t too impressed with the level of service he received when he arrived in Perth and hit the dining scene. He was determined that things would be different at Café Elixir.

Taylor places the utmost importance on customer service. He’s worked hard to instil a strong customer service ethic in all of his staff. He believes that it’s the little things that make a difference — a friendly greeting as soon as you walk through the door, table service, chilled water on the table as soon as you are seated, and if you want a dish changed to suit your own personal preferences, it’s never a problem.

The Synesso takes centre stage and the team are getting busier and busier with each passing week. The café is open seven days a week, and breakfast is especially busy. The berry muesli and homemade pancakes have proven particularly popular. Taylor is in the process of obtaining a liquor licence and plans to offer after work and casual Sunday afternoon drinks at Café Elixir once the licence comes through. There’s talk of dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings as well, which the regulars are keen to see come to fruition.

If you’re in the northern suburbs and in the mood for a fantastic coffee (or more) drop in to Café Elixir and say hello.

Café Elixir
3 Rocca Way
Wanneroo WA 6065

Opening hours:
Monday &dmash; Friday 7.00am — 6.00pm
Saturday — Sunday 8.00am — 5.00pm


Author: Brigette Paterson, Five Senses Coffee

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