Ever heard of the acronym, KISS? The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided. This is exactly what the folks at Hoopla had in mind when designing the business model for their new cafe in South Perth.

Simplicity is something you rarely see in a cafe these days. Because competition is so fierce in the cafe industry, owners are forced to think of things that will set them apart from their peers. For Matt Andel, owner of Hoopla, he merely wanted to create a simple place with good coffee. He had noticed that a quality cafe was missing in the residential area where he lived, so when the local pizza shop vacated from its spot on Moresby Street, Hoopla moved in.

Matt’s uncomplicated approach to his cafe permeates throughout Hoopla. He worked with the current condition of the building to create a rustic atmosphere of exposed brick and the original 60-year-old floor boards. The menu changes daily and the space is accommodating to anything from a business meeting to a mum’s morning out (play area!).

Because owning a cafe is a new hobby for Matt, he’s brought in Bec, a veteran from the hospitality industry who’s always wanted to run a cafe. Bec’s list of credentials is extensive and her grand visions for Hoopla sound promising for the locals. Not only has Hoopla already started to cater to small offices in the area, but Bec is dedicated to educating people about coffee in an unintimidating way. Be on the lookout for future opportunities to gather and discuss coffee.

And speaking of coffee, the blend at Hoopla has a fruity sweetness and a light, citrus-like acidity. It is medium- bodied with a silky texture, and dark cherry flavours are complimented by tones of overripe peach. As refreshing as that sounds, it is equally refreshing to see a cafe bring things back to basics and centre their plans around the quality of the coffee.

Hoopla Espresso
8 Moresby Street
South Perth, WA 6151

Opening hours
Monday — Saturday 7:00am — 3:00pm


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