Welcome to a new era at Five Senses Coffee! On Monday, we launched a new approach to our coffee offering that will see our range streamlined into one highly accessible line-up. If you haven’t caught wind of these changes yet, let me quickly recap some of the benefits to this new program:

All of our Coffees, all of the Time
Roasted throughout the week, you can now order any of our coffees, including smaller filter roast lots, on any week day.

Time for Romance
In addition to our larger coffee lots, we’re also offering up some of our smaller lots of interesting and unique coffees which we love sharing with you. Our smaller lots will now be around a little longer ? so you’ll really have time to fall in love with them and get to know them intimately.

Priced for Drinking
These smaller lot coffees are so exciting that we’re offering them up for only a little more than our standard prices.

All the Notes
Along with the streamlined range, we’ve also launched coffee cards to support each origin that’s been roasted for filter (espresso to come!). These will arrive automatically with your orders, so your delicious brews can now be served along with nifty info.

For the Brew
There?ll be a rotating range of four filter coffees on offer at any one time. These coffees will change every so often, depending on what’s just landed and how long the stock lasts.

And the Coffees?
Well, I don’t think we could have picked a better group of coffees to launch this thing. Alongside their espresso roasts, we will be roasting two of our African favourites, the Acacia Hills Tanzania and Ardi Ethiopia, as filter for you to enjoy. In addition, we’ve secured two smaller lots from Henry and Verena Gaibor of Ecuador for the second year in a row. You might have known them under different names last year, but I am betting that with a single brew, loads of flavour memories will come flooding back. On offer are the Rancho Tio Emilio and Hakuna Matata from the Gaibors? farms.

We are confident that all four of these coffees will both live up to their richly deserved reputation and carve out a space in your line-up for the months ahead.

Check out all our coffees on the ?coffees? page of the website: http://www.fivesenses.com.au/coffee Don’t forget to click the ?Roasted for filter? tab if you’re specifically looking for filter options.

Find out more about our wholesale pricing and volumes by dropping us a line here or, if you’re already a wholesale customer, just request some of the delicious offerings on your next order.

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