Treat your coffee-loving nearest and dearest to something special for Christmas this year! Or.. just treat yourself.

For the gear-obsessed…

La Marzocco Mini | From: $6,750.15

The mini but mighty baby of the La Marzocco family is the best of the best when it comes to home espresso making. With dual boilers and an integrated brew group that allows for primo temp stability and energy efficiency, it’s the ultimate upgrade for any budding kitchen baristas. Image: Common Coffee


Baratza Forte | $1,265.00

If grinding coffee beans was an olympic sport, the Baratza Forte would be coming in for gold time and time again. Featuring revolutionary in-built grind by weight functionality, the Forte produces an incredibly accurate grind perfect for any espresso and manual brew set-up. Image: Baratza.


Moccamaster | $448.80 – $467.50

Pretend like you’re in an American rom-com and pour yourself a cuppa joe from the pot with your very own Moccamaster. Batch brew up to 1.25 litres of coffee in what could be classified the chic-est coffee gear on the market. Available in 14 colours, no less! #Fashion


AeroPress | $44.55

If simple and convenient is your style, AeroPress is what you need. Brewing a one-cup pourover with a flavoursome and super clean taste, it’s fast becoming a staple in the kit of brew-fans the globe over. Also, this baby is super portable and so perfect for all your summer camping and road trip needs.

For the coffee lovers in your life


Dark Horse Espresso Blend | From: $15.00

One of our signature espresso blends, Dark Horse is an intense drop. This full bodied, complex coffee gives off hints of dark chocolate and red stone fruits, providing the perfect pour for either a white or a black coffee.


Abebe Cherfo, Ethiopian Filter Coffee | From: $15.00

This washed filter from Ethiopia is packed full of fruit and delicate florals. Think candied lime and bergamot layered with apricot and juicy fruits.. All making for a beautiful finished product.


Hello Sunshine, Summer Blend | From: $15.00

As the clouds part on 2021, our eyes are firmly set on long summer days and an exponential increase in ice-cream, inspiring our limited edition espresso blend, Hello Sunshine. Think waffle cones stacked high with indulgent blueberry ripple on cookies and cream. Yes, please.

More than just a stocking filler…


Australiana Long Sleeve Tee | From: $59.40

Celebrate this great land that we call home with our brand new Australiana long sleeve tee. Designed by Melbourne tattoo artist Mark Lording, the shirt features an illustration showcasing indigenous flora and fauna enjoying a good brew! In the classic green and gold.


Farm to Cup Tee | From: $33.00

Dedicated to the many hands in the coffee supply chain, this tee boasts a design by Sydney-based illustrator Barry Patenaude and tells the story of.. You guess it, the farm to cup journey!


Loveramics Cup | From: $18.70

The official cup of the World Latte Art Championships, this classic cafe cup will not only help you pour a mean milk swan, but it’ll keep your coffee perfectly warm whilst you do it. Made of high fired porcelain, this restaurant grade cup is both functional and stylish.


Miir Travel Tumbler | From: $34.10

Always on the go? Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your daily cuppa and nab yourself a Miir Travel Tumbler. The MVP of portable coffee solutions, this baby is leek proof, spill proof and features a double wall vacuum insulated design that’ll keep everything nice and warm (or cold!)


Tools of the Craft Mug | $27.50

Ain’t nothing like a good enamel mug to round out your coffee rig. The perfect companion for any and all outdoor activities from camping to hiking, this workhorse of a cup will inevitably end up being that one mug you drink every – single – coffee – out of. Guaranteed.


Barista Training Gift Voucher | $165.00

Got a mate with all the gear but no idea? Our Barista Training gift vouchers are the thing for you. Perfect for anyone wanting to upskill and learn about all things coffee, voucher holders can choose from a great selection of courses from home barista, to latte art and more.

This article was originally published on 12 December 2021.

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