Discovery Range

Get ready to dive into the delicious world of specialty coffee! Diverse flavours, a satisfying ritual and an incredible community of people. The quality coffee world is an exciting one to be part of and there’s nothing we love more than helping people enjoy it.

Our Discovery Range is a tasty spread created specifically for home coffee lovers to conveniently pick up at their local grocery store. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or keen to take the first steps towards great quality in your morning brews, we know you’re going to love these coffees!

The Range

All Aboard

Set to become the new crowd favourite, this espresso blend is perfect for milk coffees with flavours of chocolate, roasted nuts and praline.

Jump On Board


Celebrate single origin, Guatemala offers a lighter bodied cup with delicious nougat, stone fruit and milk choc.

Ramble Away


This single origin from the world's largest producer, Brazil, is ultimately satisfying paired with milk, tasting of toffee, choc fudge and raisins.

See it all

Sourced with the same specialty ethos that’s driven us since 2000, Five Senses is excited to offer this dedicated espresso range optimised for grocery stores. Australia is full of people who love coffee, many of whom are equipped with an espresso machine on the kitchen bench. With this range, we’re proud that high quality, fresh specialty coffee can be conveniently popped in the shopping cart by even more folks!

Discover More

Positive Impact

Our mission is to impact people positively and our coffee fuels these projects. Collaborating with producer partners, staff and communities we achieve some exciting things!

Brew Guides

Make the most of your coffee with pro barista tips and recipes for each coffee in the range.

Coffee Traceability

Specialty coffee celebrates the exact place and people that went into it. The Discovery Range allows you to explore this journey along with us.

Working with some of Australia’s leading cafes, Five Senses has honed our roasting craft for more than two decades and bring this same renowned approach to the grocery Discovery Range. Utilising both art and science, we espresso roast all coffee in small batches and preserve its freshness as whole beans in soft-plastics recyclable bags. This exceptional quality raw product is your foundation for great coffee at home but you can level it up further with knowledge and skills shared by our Barista Academies and a wide array of home accessories.

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